Graffiti – Chris Brown Album Review

Chris Brown’s Graffiti is a gathering of futuristic beats, profound up-tempo pieces and thoroughly produced ballads. The lead single, “I Can Transform Ya,” initiates the album, with a robotic demonstration from Swizz Beatz and an energetic, yet smooth delivery from Brown. The track currently sits at #20 on the Billboard and continues to soar as the weeks pass.

On “So Cold,” Brown yearns for forgiveness from a former lover. It is notable for its atoning lyricism seemingly towards his ex and a remorseful piano vibe from Polow da Don. A similar theme embodies “Favorite Girl,” where Brown indirectly references Rihanna with “I might have cheated in the beginning/ I was wrong for writing ‘Disturbia’/ But I meant it in ‘Forever’/We were supposed to be together/And I can’t let you go.”

Two of Graffiti’s most striking compositions are “I.Y.A.,” a “Forever”-esque song that allow Brown’s vocals to pierce through percussion and synthesizers making for a worthwhile listen and “I’ll Go,” where Brown weeps over an orchestra of piano and violins with the lyrics such as “but if you don’t come back/this love was worth it/that’s the one thing I know.” It is a sentimental mid-tempo ballad that exposes Brown’s vocals with raw affection. The third single, “Wait,” features R&B singer, Trey Songz and rapper, The Game. It is another catchy offering from Polow da Don, with a memorable club feel. “Lucky Me,” incorporates a blend of guitar and flashy pop that allows Brown to describe how music has seen him through joy and pain.

The overall packaging of Graffiti is different from that of previous projects. Chris Brown hoped it would have a more crossover appeal noting that “I {he} don’t try to be typical urban. I want to be like how Prince and Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder were. They can cross over to any genre of music.” Graffiti achieves this aspiration, for it delivers a Chris Brown seldom seen. “It’s getting heavy/I think bout ready to break down,” says Chris Brown on “Fallin Down,” another ballad from the collection. From the sounds emanating from Graffiti, Chris Brown is still dealing with recent drama; however, has found solace in his love for music and passion for singing and who can knock him for that.

Graffiti receives a PARL

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