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Hurricane Chris: The Coldest Rapper
He created the Ratchet Movement and calls himself “the coldest rapper.” After having the chance to chat with him, I have to agree. I’m talking about the one and only Hurricane Chris.


He’s only 20 years old but has recorded some of the biggest club bangers such as “A Bay Bay” and “She’s So Fine (Halle Berry);” and now he’s getting ready to release his sophomore album Unleashed on December 22nd.

So what can we expect on this record? Well according to Hurricane Chris, “you’ll get a whole other side of me. It’s my freshman album times two.”

Expect collaborations with R&B sensation Mario and hip-hop goon Plies; and that’s just from his first single “Headboard.” He continued discussing his album saying, “I stepped my game up [for this record].”

As previously mentioned the first track off Unleashed is the grown and sexy joint titled “Headboard.” If you have yet to hear it, I can guarantee you that this will be another hit, “this is a female friendly song. I rolled with Mario and Plies and we shot the video in Miami which was a perfect place.”


Hurricane Chris is a hip-hop legend in the making. Who would’ve thought the same artist that created the Halle Berry dance is inspired by Earth, Wind, and Fire; “I’m influenced by Mystikal, Eminem, BeBe King, and the Isley Brothers. I used to go hard on Kris Kros, and I like Da Brat’s style. I learned how to touch people with soulful music.”

There’s a certain swag about Hurricane Chris. Maybe it’s his southern accent or the fact that he can go into a studio and record a track without having to write anything down. With a sophomore album about to drop he’s definitely proving that he’s not going anywhere, “I have no limits. I’m gonna continue to grow and pass the torch.”

Like many other successful hip-hop artists, Hurricane Chris has decided to venture out and expand his brand, “I’m creating a 51/50 clothing line fa sho. I have my own record label also called 51/50. I make all different types of music.”

So a clothing line and a record label, no cologne deal? “I would love my own cologne. People could have that Hurricane smell. Smell like me.”


3 Facts about Hurricane Chris
1. Hurricane Chris created the Ratchet Movement which he calls a type of club music that makes you feel free to move how you want. It’s defined by telling people in the club to get loose, be ratchet with it and do you!
2. He enjoys listening to Alicia Keys, Lyfe Jennings and Akon
3. Expect a collaboration with Cherish on his sophomore album Unleashed; in stores December 22nd.


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