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With his signature, unisex bowtie brooches attracting celebrity clientele, Marc Clark is a rising fashion icon. Offered in a wide variety of colors, the brooch can be designed in different prints. His spunky product, which modernizes the typically juvenile accessory, is steadily becoming a must-have item. Still, he has a few more yards of fabric to go before he is a household name.

Who is Marc Clark?

Hailing from Prince Georges County, Maryland, the 24-year-old designer says that his hometown had a major influence on his interest in fashion. Located right outside D.C., he describes it as a “very hip area” that was a haven for fashion designers and models. Despite this, Clark is a “very casual guy.” He admits, “I’m a big tennis shoe freak.”

As an adolescent, however, his favorite fashion item was something similar to his current and popular creation. “Neckties were really big for me,” he says. Yet, even so, he was far from a simple dresser. “Daring was my style. I’ve always pushed the limits.”

Clark’s first introduction to the fashion industry was an internship position with entrepreneur and clothing designer, Russell Simmons. The opportunity, which lasted a few years, proved to be a great learning experience. “He’s my business mentor,” he says of Simmons. “He’s always had an impact and influence on our generation and in fashion. He created one of the first lines geared toward African-Americans.”

Marc’s Trajectory in the Industry

Following his internship, Clark and his former business partner launched a men’s and women’s graphic t-shirt line. The line, “Art of Fashion,” was a success. It was released in 50 U.S. stores, including Commander Salamander, Up Against the Wall, and Michael K. Unfortunately, the working relationship between Clark and his business partner did not fare as well. Eventually, the two parted ways, in pursuit of solo endeavors.

Clark’s next venture was starting his present company, Marc C. Defined as “iconic,” with the buzzworthy Marc Clark bowtie brooch as its leading product, Marc C. specializes in men’s and women’s accessories. Thus far, Rihanna and Estelle grace his A-list of famous consumers. As well, Diggy, Angela, and Vanessa Simmons – relatives of Russell Simmons – were seen wearing a Marc Clark bowtie. Although he cannot remember exactly which celebrity wore it first, Estelle is the first to come to mind.

“At the moment, I didn’t really take in the moment,” he says, when he saw her wearing it at a party, one night. “She pointed to me as the designer and it was a gratifying feeling. It’s fulfilling to see your design has an impact on fashion in today’s culture.”

Well, celebrities are not the only ones in support of his sensational item. Clark’s dog is also a proud owner. “I have a bowtie for him. He’s a rockstar,” he laughs.

Marc Clark Bowties at a party

Future Plans

For the future, Clark plans to expand his merchandise to buyers. “I’m very big on blazers and denim. I wanna branch out. [I want to design] blouses for women and dresses and skirts.”

Additionally, Marc says he wants to “take fashion to a new level.” This could mean collaborating with another Marc in the fashion industry, one day. “I would like to work in conjunction with Marc Jacobs. His stuff is very trendy and innovative. He always is thinking outside the box.”

Clark also names designer, Karl Lagerfeld, as someone with whom he would like to work. “His designs are a work of art,” he says about the Head Designer of Chanel. “It’s inspiring to see how he re-defined Chanel.”

In reference to working with Vanessa and Angela Simmons, who are also fashion designers, Clark is not opposed to the prospect. “They also wear the brooch and support the line. I can see stuff happening,” he says.

Rihanna wearing a Marc Clark bowtie

Marc Behind the Scenes

In his spare time, Clark says he is not exactly living the life that you would presume that a designer would. “They [people] get the impression that I’m a party guy,” he says. “Secretly, I’m very boring. I love CNN; I’m a big news junkie. I like to eat. I’m very low-key.”

Specifically, Clark characterizes himself in three personas. “There’s ‘Marcus,’ the average guy from DC. There’s ‘Marc C.,’ the extravagant fashion designer. And there’s ‘Marc Clark,’ the businessman.”

Upon accessing Clark’s Facebook page, I caught a glimpse at all three of his personalities. In his favorite quotations section, he quips about a news segment that featured a woman whose home had caught on fire. As she was fleeing the building, she managed to grab a few of her possessions, which included two purses and a small serving of ribs. “Who thinks about getting Ribs and Purses when their apartment just burned to ashes?…Come on some Ribs, and 2 purses,” he jokes. Yet, when prompted about the things he would not be able to leave behind in that same situation, he says, “my dog, my wallet, and a pair of Gucci shoes.”

Though he is progressing in his career, Clark does face challenges. “I would say keeping your customers happy and always outdoing yourself from the previous season [is discouraging].” Still, his life is a constant source of inspiration. “I love life. And that’s one of the quotes I live by.” He advises aspiring designers to “stay focused and stay motivated.” As well, he says, “Never let no one tell you ‘no.’”

While his official website will be re-launched in January, you can follow Clark on Twitter @TheRealMarcC for more information on Marc C. products.


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