Young, Beautiful and Business Savvy – Adrienne Davis

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Youth, Beauty and Intelligence: A Lethal Combination
Adrienne Davis is that Chick!

Miss Black New York U.S.A., former Wall Street Analyst, & Entrepreneur

Adrienne Davis is as beautiful as she is resilient, and as ambitious as they come. At 26 years old, this New York native has already accomplished what many hope to achieve in a lifetime. Not only does she look impeccable as she rocks the finest apparel, (BCBG by choice,) this young diva is more than just an exotic beauty with flawless honey skin and luminous brown eyes. She is a mover and a shaker, Magna Cum Laude, with a degree in Finance from the prestigious Clark Atlanta University.
A true glamazon in every sense of the word, Adrienne was crowned as this year’s “Miss Black New York U.S.A.,” a magnanimous role she was honored to fill in her Jimmy Choos.

“When I heard my name called, I gave out this big sigh,” she laughs. “It was a tight competition. All the girls were so beautiful and so consistent in everything, so for me to win felt so amazing.”
Far more than just a beautiful face, Adrienne admits that it was her Q&A responses during the pageant, which enabled her to ‘flex her brain muscles,’ which most likely attributed to her winning. “I spoke on the economic empowerment of the black community. The resistance our people had to endure, being pushed into the ghettos and into the projects, and how that “push” has become for some, normalcy, and a habitual way of life.”

Armed with a one-year modeling contract with Skyy Models, a professional photo shoot with prestigious industry photographer, Michael Benabib, and over two thousand dollars in cash prizes, Adrienne left the competition with high expectations of competing in the Miss Black USA Competition in Washington, D.C., representing her home state of New York.

Adrienne Davis – Miss Black New York

In addition to her pageantry pursuits, she also prides herself in her financial literacy background, which she attests to her experience as a Wall Street Analyst; her dream job that she landed immediately after leaving Clark Atlanta University.

“JP Morgan recruited me while I was in my economics class, and soon after graduation, I was offered the position as a Wall Street analyst, and I gladly accepted,” she says in her soft drawl. “While I was there, I worked with multi-millionaires, and I noticed a significant pattern.”
The pattern Adrienne noticed was that all of her 25-40 million dollar clients were investment bankers and more importantly—CEO’s of their own companies.

“Every one had their own company,” she explains. “All of my million dollar clients were entrepreneurs. For instance, one of my clients was the CEO of one of the largest paper cup industries in the North east. I mean to us, paper cups may seem insignificant, but every single one of us uses paper cups, so in actuality, it’s not that insignificant, and my client had the revenue coming in to prove it!”