Thicker Than Water…Takerra Allen book review


Four women, all friends, living in the hood, caught up in the world of sex, deceit, and drugs Have you heard this story before? Yes. Has it been told the way Takerra Allen does it in her debut novel? Not quite.

Thicker Than Water definitely feels like its going to be another urban fiction novel you’ve read over and over, but somehow Allen finds a way to keep the reader engaged and the pages turning. The story becomes more about a mix of characters in Newark, NJ, making it much bigger than these four female friends. Some characters are entangled in a life of crime, others are just in love with the wrong people, much like the happenings in any other urban community. All the characters are believable and you end up appreciating what every person brings to the drama filled novel. In fact, it’s the scheming friend in this novel that makes it that much more thrilling. The love triangles provide extra bedroom scenes, always a good formula for locking in a reader.

The ending comes with a handful of surprises, sealing the deal on this novel, officially separating it from the cliché novels out there and making this book a must read. Its hard not to recommend this roller coaster ride of emotions, its just too good to pass up.

Thicker Than Water
receives a PARL
Rating system
P …Horrible
PA …Tolerable
PAR …Good
PARL …Excellent
PARLÉ …Classic

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