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Parlé: Who did each of you look up to as musical inspirations growing up? And also, who do you still admire today as an artist? I’m interested in both your hometown heroes from Atlanta as well as your inspirations from elsewhere.
B Boi: Coming up, I listened to a lot of Outkast, Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony, and I listened to a lot of R&B like R. Kelly. A lot of the southern rappers that came before us just paved the road for us. Those that came before us were the pioneers of Hip-Hop; they made it possible for us to do what we do today. Any artist that has put the South or Atlanta on the map has made my job a whole lot easier than it has to be.
B Town: I’ve been influenced by a lot of people that aren’t mainstream. There have been a lot of people that have helped me because I’m really big into neo-soul and lots of different types of music. Overall, I would definitely have to say Andre 3000. It’s just the way he’s able to tell a story, he’s very unique and always has been. But as of lately, it’s actually been Jay-Z. I didn’t become a Jay-Z fan until this last album but there’s something about the way he did it on this album that’s so relatable.


B Boi

Parlé: Talk to me about your level of success so far compared to your expectations? Your song Trick’n has almost 13 million plays on your MySpace page. Do you feel like you’ve made it, or more like there’s still a large mountain in front of you to climb as musicians?
B Boi: I would say that anyone that’s dropped a single and feels like they’ve made it should be punched in the chest (Laughs). You know what I mean? If you feel like you’ve made it off one song, it’s definitely not anything. We have so much to prove as artists, collectively as well as individuals. Our expectations are way higher than one single. We’re here to make history and five years from now we want to be the most talked-about group in hip hop. So, one single isn’t going to get us there and our expectations are through the roof. You wouldn’t believe how much pressure we put on ourselves – it’s crazy. But at the end of the day, that’s what we do it for. We do it for the fans and for the love of the music.

Parlé: From an outsider’s perspective, I see your music as a blend of smooth grooves and R & B with a touch a Dirty South style rap sprinkled throughout. Tell me about your music from the inside, what kind of music do you see it as?
B Town: I just see it as relatable music. Outside of the genre that it is, we just like to talk about relatable things. You’re not going to hear us talk about something that we haven’t done or something that we don’t have, so we basically just talk about what we experience on a daily basis. I think our music is heartfelt and whenever we touch different genres like R & B or Southern Pap, that’s how it’s going to be, but it’s more the topics that we focus on, not the style. How we do it, it comes across very naturally; it’s just whatever that particular track calls for.

Parlé: One of the advantages that singers and musicians have today is the ability to use the internet for a marketing tool. Can you talk to me about how you’ve used to web to both create a fan base and promote your music?
B Boi: We use the internet a lot, man. The internet is so instrumental in our success, it’s crazy. We’re on Twitter 24/7 talking to the fans and communicating with them and that’s always a pleasure when you get to reach out and touch the people that actually consume your music. It’s widened our fan base a whole lot quicker than we could have ever imagined. We’re able to reach people you’ve never even seen in places you’ve never even been with the internet, so it will always be an important marketing tool for Mullage.
B Town: I think it’s a big reason we’re still relevant today with the record labels being the way they are today. Sometimes you just have a situation where your counterpart might be scared to take a risk. We’ve had people reach out to us based off what we’ve done personally, like our free album Elevators that we released, so it’s just about relationships that we’ve built with the internet and it’s been really big for us.

B Town
Parlé: What can we expect from you in 2010 as far as a tour and new singles or a new album?
B Town: We’ll just continue to get better and grow as artists and we’ll be releasing another mixtape right before our debut album entitled The Element of Versatility, so that’ll be something we’re doing for the fans. We’ll just continue to give the people a wide variety of music. We do see ourselves at the BET awards this year, nominated and basically winning the category. It sounds crazy to some but when you walk by faith and you feel like you’ve got the talent to be there, there’s really nothing that anybody can tell you otherwise. Coming out of the Navy, I think that’s what has helped us get this far and will help us make it to where we’re trying to go.

Parlé: It’s obvious that you have lots of similarities and must be like-minded in many ways in order to successfully collaborate and create music together on a regular basis. However, I’m also interested in what unique traits you each bring to the group?
B Town: One of us is always doing more than the other, like when one of us needs a little extra push, the other is going to be able to provide that. When something needs to get done, both of us might not be headstrong on that subject, but it never takes both of us to get that push to get things done. One of us might be in the studio on the east side of town and the other on the west side of town and we can get work done like that. Another thing I’ve noticed about us is our work ethic and how we work together. I’ve been around many musical groups in the experiences that I’ve had and I haven’t really met a lot of dudes in a lot of groups that work like us. We never have to worry about the other person not bringing it or being productive and we’re always there for each other. You’ve got to have that bond past the music if you even want to consider greatness.
B Boi: Sometimes we take what one of us says, and how the other one says it. One of us may have more delivery on one track, or one of us might be able to give you more of a visual, so we work together like that.

Parlé: Talk to me about drive. If you’re a car, what is your fuel that keeps you going each day and keeps the fire burning inside that makes you want to rise higher in your field as singers and songwriters?
B Boi: My drive, personally, is my life and the people I have around me. I have the will to want to see them do better, and want to do better myself, period. The lifestyle that people have that live around me is enough to make me want to get out there every day and be better and make better music. Seeing a lot of the music that’s out here today and having good music to turn to is so important. You’d be surprised how important music is to people in their lives so the ability to make music and make more, greater music is enough to drive me every day.
B Town: My drive is just the passion that I have for the music and knowing that out of everything I’ve done, be it school or whatever, it’s always brought me back to the music. So, I feel as thought that’s what I was put here to do. At the end of the day, without getting too deep, I feel like it’s what God wanted me to do. So for us to walk away from it or to just to give up when things aren’t going the way we want them to – we wouldn’t be doing his work. When you know something, when you just know you have it, it’s just all about proving it and everything happens in due time. It’s something that you just feel.

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