“Who’s Next?”…BONE, Def Jam’s Rookie of the Year

In the great state of Texas, football is what every little boy dreams of doing when he gets older. Except for the kid from Atlanta, Texas who since the age of seven knew that Hip-Hop was meant for him. Bone the 22 year old emcee who currently is enrolled in his last year at Prairie View University could not see himself doing anything but making music. With his first single HomeGurl rapidly growing as a favorite amongst listeners it has currently generated more than 3.3 million fans. Bone has the radio stations on a feeding frenzy for what is to come from the young emcee.


Parlé: When did you know you wanted to create music?
Bone: I knew I wanted to make music since I was seven, everybody in Texas is big on football so growing up its was music then football.

Parlé: Do you have any new music out that the people can go get right now?

Bone: Yeah I got a mixtape out called the Realest N*gga In The Class Room.

What is the name of your album?
Bone: The Undergrad is the title to my album

Parlé: Is the album completed yet?
Bone: The album is still in the making.

Parlé: What keeps you driven?
Bone: I have to say I have a lot of people that keeps me going but my mother and God really keep me driven.

Parlé: What was the best performance you have had so far?
Bone: The best performance I have had, got to be when I performed for L.A. Reid and the whole time I performed he was tapping on the desk with some drum sticks. After I performed he said don’t let him leave the building without signing a contract.

Parlé: Who would you like to work with in the future?
Bone: I would like to work with anyone, but umm Jeezy, Ludacris, Rick Ross are some people I would like to work with In the near future

Parlé: What producers would you like to work with?
Bone: I would love to work with the Justice League, Dre, Eminem, Kanye West, Timbaland, Jermaine Dupri, anyone really.

Parlé: Who is one person that you are a fan of?
Bone: P. Diddy, big fan of Diddy. He a mogul.

Parlé: What do you do on your off time?
Bone: Homework, Madden, and read a couple books.

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