Parlé News… Gov. Patterson drama, T.O. needs a job…


Governor Patterson decides not to resign ~ Another massive Earthquake, this time in Chile ~ T.O. needs a job ~  Yung Berg gets robbed again ~  Lupe writing a book ~ Juvenile arrested ~ Guru of Gangstar has heart attack

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Governor Patterson and his Wife

Governor David Patterson has decided he will not resign after news broke out on Friday that his former driver, David Johnson allegedly  assaulted an unidentified aid.  Patterson, who was leading the race to run as Governor (by default) for a second term, announced Friday that it was no longer his plan to run.

The issue is remaining quiet because police have allegedly pressured his aid not to speak about the situation. Governor Patterson has decided that he still feels able to govern one of the most powerful states in the country.

“I would think [resignation is] off the table,” Paterson said at a question-and-answer session with reporters sponsored by the New York Observer. “In terms of authority of power, I have the power.”

Johnson has been accused of several act of wrong doings, but he has not been convicted of any charges as of yet. However problems have aroused in the office of the Governor, Thursday Public Safety Defense E. O Donnell resigned without warning, saying “the fact that the governor and members of the state police have acknowledged direct contact with a woman who had filed for an order of protection against a senior member of the governor’s staff is a very serious matter,” and called such actions “unacceptable regardless of their intent.” Although the allegations are still up in the air, the problems circulating the governor and the people around him have begun to affect his place of business and his future plans as the Governor.

The main reason Patterson may be in turmoil is because it is alleged that he called the victim, and had 2 of his aides also call the victim.  If the calls did take place, it looks very bad on Patterson because it looks very unethical and he might even be accused of trying to bribe her.


Chile Aftermath

This weekend, an earth quake with the magnitude of 8.8, the fifth strongest earthquake in some 100 years has ravaged Chile. The death toll is continuously rising and is now at 723 people. The economic loses for Chile may top $15 billion. The losses will be severe because of the rebuilding that will have to take place from infrastructures like bridges, roads, airports, and telecommunication networks.

More than 1.5 million people were left without power in the capitol of Chile, Santiago, an area that was hit the hardest. Authorities have reported that 544 of the reported 723 death toll was from a sewage collapse. Water towers were close to toppling and communities lacked basic services, the emergency office said. Many people have been left without safe drinking water, electricity and gas. Six hospitals have collapsed and two severally damaged. So the Chilean air force has set up four field hospitals each holding up to 60 patients.




Terrell Owens

This past weekend the 25th ranked NFL team, the Buffalo Bills, announced that they will be parting ways with Terrell Owens.  Even after catching 55 passes, 829 yards and 5 touchdowns, that won’t be enough to grant him his renewed contract. 

The Baltimore Ravens have been rumored to be interested in T.O., who for the past two decades  have been two offensive drives away from going to the playoffs. Coach John Harbaugh said this before attending the Saturday press conference at the Scouting Combine , “I’ve always had a lot of respect for Terrell Owens, and I know (Ravens GM) Ozzie (Newsome) does too. He (T.O.) had a good year last year. We watched him play, We watched him on tape and he was very effective.  So maybe things will be looking up for T.O.




Hip-Hop artist and one half of the famed group Gangstarr, Guru will undergo surgery today, after suffering a heart attack and falling into coma last week.


Rapper Juvenile was arrested this past weekend after cops found a bag containing about an ounce of marijuana in a house he was recording in. Cops were sent to the home after neighbors complained of the smell coming from the house.





Lupe Fiasco has begun writing his first novel while on tour. He is putting his time to use as he waits for Atlantic Records to approve and give him a release date on his upcoming new project Laser.



Yung Berg

Yung Berg has reportedly been the target of yet another robbery. According to law enforcement officers, rapper Yung Berg whose real name is Christian Ward attended a house party, where four suspects entered the home with firearms. It was reported that the suspect’s pistol-whipped two of the people at the party, one of whom was Yung Berg. The suspects proceeded to rob 8 people as they made off with $10,000 in cash and jewelry. More than a dozen people were victims and/or witnesses of the incidents but were uncooperative.