Introducing You To Portland Maine

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Team Parlé is made up of writers who are based in all parts of the United States from New York to California. In order to fully represent everything Parlé and to continue to represent that “Not Your Average” voice of the urban community, we’re having our writers introduce you to where they’re from…

Portland, Maine

For anyone visiting the northeast region of the United States, Portland, Maine is a destination that should not be overlooked. The largest city in Maine and located on the shores of Casco Bay, Portland can find a way to appeal to just about any of its visitors. From great food and local entertainment, to the area’s beaches, architecture, and vibrant history; Portland will only keep you coming back.

When I think about Portland’s local entertainment I primarily think about the local music acts and all the venues within the city that are hosts to them. The Civic Center houses all of the large shows from the big name acts that come through, but the loyalty the people show to the local musicians is truly amazing. Another big piece of Portland’s entertainment scene is Merrill Auditorium, which has a variety of uses from stand-up comedy to off-Broadway musicals, and more.

The food service industry thrives in Portland with countless restaurants to choose from. Whether it’s one of the numerous small pubs or one of the cities fine dining establishments, you are sure to not be left disappointed. Culture also plays a role when it comes to dining in Portland as you can find places that specialize in Irish, Italian, Asian (including Sushi and Thai), and even Somalian cuisine. Not to mention the endless supply of seafood that pours into the city from the docks down on the Portland waterfront. In fact, the seafood is hands down one of the biggest attractions for those visiting the city and many even skip dining-out and buy fresh seafood right from the docks themselves. Portland is also huge on microbreweries, as there are many throughout the city, some which have been in operation since the alcohol prohibition back in the 1930’s. If you ever visit one of the popular pubs or restaurants be sure to inquire about the different microbrews because anyone who appreciates a good beer will fall in love.

The Portland waterfront is also home to the ‘notorious’ Old Port, which is ‘notorious’ due to its staggering nightlife. This section of Portland is home to many of the clubs, bars, and Irish pubs, as well as many shops and storefronts offering a multitude of different items. Even to those not interested in the bar scene, the Old Port still attracts many tourists to its stores. The area is almost entirely made of brick and much of the old cobblestone remains on one of the streets and in most of the alleyways. During the summertime several northeastern cruise lines dock on the Portland waterfront allowing its passengers to venture out into the heart of the Old Port

Merely walking the streets of Portland is like taking a tour of early east-coast architecture. There are many great examples of Victorian and Renaissance period architecture on top of all the brick buildings that are so prominent in northeastern cities. You can always visit the many local historical sites like one of the earliest churches, not just in the city but in the country; or other historical attractions like the many old forts and bunkers that are in and around Portland.

Portland is a small city that is sure to win over your heart as it has mine. It’s filled with a rich history, a diverse culture, a fun nightlife, and an awesome local music scene. The urban city environment and the small town way of life makes Portland, in my opinion, one of the best up and coming cities to not only visit, but to have a home. So whether you’re just passing through or looking for a place to get away too; Portland has much to offer to just about anyone.

Written by by John Brady