“Who’s Next?”… Murda Mook – Ruff Ryder’s Latest Acquisition

Parlé: What kind of adjustments exactly? How much different do you see making music, and structured songs from battling?
Mook: I think it’s the same mindset of battling, the music I’m making has the potential to reach people. You could reach millions and millions of people. As far as the feeling, I’m comfortable both ways. I’m comfy in front of a small group of people, and I’ll be fine in front of a million people. Now that I think about it though, you could be more nervous in the booth ’cause songs might not come out how you want them to. In actuality you might have to slow down, and calm your voice. That was an adjustment for me. You gotta differentiate between the two. You gotta adjust, but you also gotta be smart. I know how I like it music and how it inspires me. The words I put together ain’t a facade.

As you have to speak about something with battling, the subject matter also changes with music. What’s your subject matter like on record opposed to your opponent being your main focus?
Mook: I talk about a wide variety of things, anything going on. The wives of hustlers in the street, how the hustlers feel, preteen pregnancy, being in love when you’re not supposed to be, everything. That’s why I feel like I got a bigger advantage.

Parlé: And your support system helps.
Mook: Yeah, definitely. I set the mode for how battling go now. You prepare for the person you battling, and go show up with ya rhymes. This gets the maximum out of the individual, when I know. I know I have no yes men around me. Everything can get better to them. When they say they don’t think something’s hot, that’s what makes me hungry.

Parlé: Tell me how you got in touch with the Ruff Ryders camp.
Mook: Ruff Ryders was family from when I was like 13, 14. I saw them on 125th all the time. I would see Dee and Waah (the CEO’s of Ruff Ryders) and I used to rap to them and tell them to sign me, but they would be like you too young. We was cool though, they used to call me Lil’ Mookie. But recently I saw Waah at the club, and he don’t go to the clubs, but it was all God’s work. It was a coincidence that he was there. He was like, ‘Let me hear some music.’ I brought some to him the next day. He was like ‘Wow, this is crazy’. And the deal went down from there, signed to Ruff Ryders in September of 2009.

Parlé: When’s the mixtape to drop?
Mook: Countdown to Murda should be dropping real soon. DJ Superstar J is hosting it.

Parlé: As of right now, what do you hope to get out of the rap game, and how do you want people to remember you?
Mook: I want people to respect me as an artist. I understand my talent and and I hope to be one of the greatest lyricists, as well as a businessman, like a mogul; like Hov in a sense. He had a great career. It may not be the same, but its all about your wit and hustle. If you know how to hustle, you can adjust.

And you’ve officially retired from battling right?
Mook: (Laughing,) I mean if someone can put up $25,000, maybe we can make something happen…


images by Daniel Norton for Parlé Magazine


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