Singer, Akon Sparks Drama Overseas, Apologizes again


On Monday protestors in the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka turned violent when they threw rocks at the offices of Capital Maharaja, whom are the promoters of an upcoming Akon concert. Maharaja’s broadcasting head of news told the Associated Press that the protestors carried signs, broke windows, and hit cars that were near the building. Four employees at the facility reportedly suffered injuries. Akon had postponed the concert, which was set for April, after Sri Lanka’s government announced Tuesday that they planned to deny Akon’s visa.

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The incident arose as backlash from Akon’s latest music video “Sexy Chick”, which depicts scantily clad women dancing in front of a statue of Buddha during one of the scenes. According to a Sri Lankan government spokesperson, the video has “triggered a lot of disappointment among Buddhists all over the world.” The vast majority of Sri Lanka is, of course, Buddhist.

In a statement given Wednesday Akon said: “I was not even aware that the statue was even on the set of the video until now.” He went on to say, “I would never set out to offend or desecrate anyone’s religion or religious beliefs. I myself am a spiritual man, so I can understand why they are offended.” He also added, “But violence is never the answer and I am disheartened.”
(quotes and related info was obtained from yahoo news)

image by Anthony Mandler courtesy of Universal Records

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