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D-12 member Bizarre is releasing his third album, Friday Night At St. Andrews on May 18th. The new album features Redman and Royce Da 5’9 along with several other Detroit rappers. The artist infamously known for wearing a shower cap has branched out to a new audience after his appearance on the reality show “Celebrity Fit Club” back in 2006. Although the experience changed his life he doesn’t plan on appearing in any other reality series.
With just a few weeks before the album drops Parlé met up with Bizarre to discuss the new album, D-12, and Celebrity Fit Club.

Parlé Magazine:
Hello, how are you?
Bizarre: I’m alright.


Parlé: Are you use to being in the spotlight without your group D-12?
Bizarre: Yeah.


Parlé:Are you guys still a group?
Bizarre: Yeah.


Parlé: Are you planning to release an album with D-12?
Bizarre: Yeah, this summer. I’m just releasing solo albums in the middle of our breaks.


Parlé: Is Eminem featured on this album?
Bizarre: No, he’s not on the record.


Parlé: Who is featured on the new album?
Bizarre: Redman, Royce Da 5’9, Yelawolf, Monica Blair and a lot of Detroit rappers.


Parlé: What’s your favorite track on the record?
Bizarre: I got a lot, but I like “Raps Finest”.


Parlé: Who would you compare your style of rap to?
Bizarre: Nobody, aint nobody out here like me. My voice is distinctive, my image, my shower cap.


Parlé: So you’re keeping the shower cap?
Bizarre: Always.


Parlé: Your music has a rap/rock feel to it. Is that the theme of the album?
Bizarre: No, I’m just everywhere. I’m just trying to do something different. My image is just having a good time and real hardcore.


Parlé: Who is your target market?
Bizarre: Just kids that basically like to have fun and who are going through teenage issues, who ran away from home and who are trying to make decisions in their lives.


Parlé: You appeared on Celebrity Fit Club, How was that experience?
Bizarre: It was cool. Dr. Ian and Harvey were pretty cool. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.


Parlé: Do you think the show helped or hurt your career?
Bizarre: It definitely helped. I was hesitant about doing the show because I was thinking about my image, but after the show people were coming up to me in the grocery store saying ‘Hey you look good.’ So it definitely put me in an audience of people who would never have noticed me.


Parlé: Would you do another reality show?
Bizarre: No, after I did Celebrity Fit Club they started calling me for Surreal life and Country with the Stars. I did Celebrity Fit Club as a real thing, it meant a lot to me. I even got my team name tattooed on my arm. I just don’t want my image to be tarnished as a joke.


Parlé: Since the recession I’ve learned Detroit has been hit hard. Has it affected your life?
Bizarre: Yeah, people are not buying albums like they used too. They aren’t coming to shows like they used too. So basically the strong survive. You just have to get out there and grind. I think the thing that keeps us going is our hardcore fan base. We just sign autographs after the shows and give out T-shirts. A lot of artists don’t do that. They just do their show, run and jump in then head to the hotel. These kids want to see you and take pictures with you.


Parlé: How often do you have shows?
Bizarre: We just came back from a show maybe two weeks ago.


Parlé: Where was the show?
Bizarre: Canada, basically my album comes out May 18th and I’ll be on the road sometime in August. I’ll probably come back like a week or two before Christmas.


Parlé: Are you planning on managing or developing artists?
Bizarre: Yeah, I kind of did that a little. I’m not really interested in holding people. I rather do it out of love. If I can plug you with this person I would do that, I’m not really into managing people. I would throw you that assistance and keep it moving.


Parlé: Is D-12 featured on Eminem’s new album?
Bizarre: Yeah, the track is “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”.


Parlé: Which up and coming artist are you feeling right now?
Bizarre: I know it’s probably typical but Drake is hot he is doing his thing Nipsey Hussel is hot. It’s a lot of underground rappers too that I’m feeling.


Parlé: Are you working in other aspects of entertainment?
Bizarre: Not right now. I might do something with Adam Sandler he wants me to do one of his movies. I’ll probably do movies eventually I just want to get serious about it. I saw 50 yesterday and he’s about to do a movie so he was in movie mode. Like losing weight and focused. I just think when you do it you have to go hard.


Parlé: Is there anything you want your fans to know about you?
Bizarre: I’m a regular guy and if you want to listen to something that is different instead of the typical commercial songs then cop that album May 18th, Friday Night At St. Andrews.


image by Diwang Valdez
Written by Shanique Byrd


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