Who Does The Job Better?

As we all know about the application process for any job, men and women both are able to apply.  Though the best person that’s qualified gets the job, the benefits, and incentives; but has anyone every thought about how men and women are stereotyped on the beliefs of who is most suitable to perform certain jobs? In short, who does the job better?

For example, if a man had a job selling skin care products [just as women do] and tries to sell to men, more than likely the salesman won’t make the sale.  Consumers are so accustomed to women selling men their fragrances, skin care products and stroking their ego that if a man attempts to do the same thing women do to make their sale, he’s looked at as one that’s infatuated with his own gender or gay.  Why aren’t women looked at the same way?  A majority of the time, the training for stay at home businesses are the same for men and women.  Why aren’t women looked at as someone that’s infatuated with their own gender if they try to sell products?  What’s the point of making this job available to others if men and women aren’t looked at the same?  Traditionally, that’s what consumers are used to, but when will America wake up from the discrimable behavior?

Years ago, school boards and principals believed female teachers were more useful because women had more patience than men.  Now, statistics are showing that the need for male teachers are higher.  School board members believe bringing in male teachers teaching kindergarten to grade school is a way to put men in the role model spotlight, but some men are concerned with working within the schools because they don’t want to labeled a “predator” on the children.  What happened to the equal opportunity that states I can do the same job the opposite sex could do?  With mothers and fathers stereotyping men as potential pedophiles, men can’t show that they’re good candidates if they always have to worry if their children or the parents are going to claim allegations.  It should be easier for a woman because the thought that she might be a “predator” isn’t immediately put on her as soon as she steps into a classroom.

If men and women are given the opportunity to apply for the same job, we should get recognition for the outstanding service we perform as individuals, not judged by what consumers are used to.  There are certain jobs men do better than women and vice versa,  but when are human beings going to realize the bigger picture; it’s not about who has the position, but how satisfactory the service is.

Only time will tell.  Let’s hope when everyone comes to the realization that it’s not too late and we aren’t still self-absorbed in what we personally thinks is best in our own opinions.

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