Why Did I Get Married Too? movie review

You have to love a Tyler Perry movie, if for no other reason because it’s the only way you can see an entire movie full of familiar faces (if you know what I mean) these days. His latest feature is the unnecessary sequel to Why Did I Get Married? from a couple years ago. There were no real cliffhangers from the last movie so you knew there would be enough drama to keep you interested this time around. With Janet Jackson, Tasha Smith, Malik Yoba, Jill Scott and Tyler Perry all returning to reprise their roles as well as the other main stars, the movie turned out to be a comedic, emotional journey, the way Tyler Perry does it best.

Anyone who’s ever seen a Tyler Perry movie knows what to expect-some relationship drama, a little bit of spousal abuse, a pocket full of laughs, and a cheesy ending. That is surely the case here. Nothing new on that end and the characters don’t really bring anything different from the original-even Sheila (Jill Scott) manages to cry in almost every scene although she is happy in this movie.

The only slight difference, which I definitely welcome, is that the message isn’t shoved down your throat with a speech or a church scene like usual. This time the message is much more subtle, and flows along with the plot, not missing a beat.

It’s not his best work, and it doesn’t top the original, but it is entertaining for all 2 hours and one of his better movies. It would be hard to mess up with this cast of characters and he does exactly what he has to in order to make it an enjoyable film. Now if he can just leave it at 2 movies for the series all will be well.

Why Did I Get Married Too? receives a PARL
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PARL…Kinda Great

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