A Nightmare On Elm Street movie review


The redo of A Nightmare on Elm Street tries to give audiences an update of the 80’s horror classic. It offers a trip down memory lane, while stepping outside the boundaries with a little back story on why Freddy Krueger is hell-bent on vicious savagery.

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As the movie begins, it enlightens the audience to the main characters, Quentin and Nancy, who are trying to stay up with everything from coffee to pills to epinephrine in order to avoid being massacred by the man in the red sweater. The acting by Jackie Earle Haley is somewhat underused as he manages to squeak by as a melted maniac more so than the twisted role played by Robert Englund in the original.

The movie trudges along with painstaking bloody gore and a few shocks, but does not even begin to live up to neither the original nor the remakes of other horror flicks that have arrived at movie theaters in the past few years. A better use of time on a Friday night would have been to embark on a trip to the local video store and rent the original.

A Nightmare on Elm Street receives a PA
Rating System:
PARL…Kinda Great

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