NY Knick Eddie Curry is just as Broke Down as his Team

New Yorkers should feel sorry for yourselves. Not only are the NY Knicks one of the worst teams in the NBA, but the players are just as sorry in their personal lives as they are on the court. Let’s take Eddie Curry for instance, not only has he been injured one too many times but he’s also in a puddle of debt…

Just how does a basketball player owe millions of dollars and get constant phone calls from huge corporations wanting their money? Well lets see, for starters he owes NBA player Juwan Howard $350,000 and for some unknown reason he’s stopped paying his mortgage.

There is good news though, Curry has been asked to renew his contract for $11 million, but he has yet to pay his debt back to AllStar Capital; and he owes them over a mill.
And not only that, let’s take a moment and break down just exactly where Eddy Curry spends his money:

1.  Supreme Court Justice Jane Solomon ordered Curry to pay over $75,000 a month plus interest to AllStar Capital.

2.  Curry’s 2009 Land Rovers and Phantom convertible are being seized by AllStar Capital.

3.  In 2008, Curry took out a five month personal loan with an 85% interest rate (that’s only legal in Las Vegas). He has yet to pay any portion of his debt back.

4. He pays his personal chef $6,000 a month.

5.  He spends $17,000 on rent and an additional $30,000 on “household expenses,” such as $425 on satellite TV.

6.  His parents, sister and father-in-law get an additional $16,000 a month and he’s purchased 12 cars for them.

7.  He has over $200,000 garnished from his paychecks already.

As we can all see, some men just don’t know how to handle their responsibilities even when they have the funds to. Just because you have money does not mean you have to support your entire family. One may be a millionaire but there still is a thing of living beyond your means.


Source: NY Post

Do you think Curry can pay his debt and have a successful 2010-2011 basketball career with the NY Knicks?


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