Dial 911 FOR A MAN???

It’s not rocket science that most women (excluding myself) can be quite the emotional train wreck at times, so when Aubrey Scott dials 911 to request that they find her a husband, you can’t do anything but laugh.


In a small town by the name of Alliance, Ohio, for some odd but hilarious reason Aubrey Scott, 57, decided she was going to spend part of her day calling 911 five times asking the dispatcher to find her a man that will put a ring on it.


The dispatcher said they were shocked by Scott’s request but let’s be realistic now, what the hell is there do in Ohio? Apparently nothing if you have an old ass woman calling the paramedics for a man she doesn’t even know. The employee asked Scott, “you need to get a husband?” in which she obviously replied, “yes.”


Scott was very serious about this dispatcher finding her a husband. She is 57 years-old so if she hasn’t found him herself yet, obviously she’s doing something wrong and needs the help of someone else. The dispatcher informed Scott that she could be arrested for misusing the 911 service, which is when she said, “Let’s do it.”


Women may be emotional train wrecks but boy are they persistent. Last week Scott was convicted of improper use of 911 and was sentenced to three measly days in jail. She has an additional seven days in jail hanging on the backburner if she causes trouble within one year.


Once Scott was released from jail she had the audacity to blame her behavior on alcohol. WTF! Aubrey Scott, you are not 24 years-old anymore, blaming your embarrassing and pathetic actions on liquor just won’t cut it. Maybe this negative exposure was good for her though, who knows how many pedophiles and murderers will want to marry her now.


Good luck Aubrey.


Source: MSNBC


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