Recovery Eminem album review

Eminem has always been one to say ‘The Darndest Things.’ It is on Recovery that Eminem returns to his Marshall Mathers LP days with swift rhymes that keep the fast forward button from being pushed. Recovery‘s theme is one of revival and revitalization. The album is Eminem’s seventh release and contains his third #1 single ever, “Not Afraid.”


It is noteworthy to mention that the first nine cuts are all solid tracks that underscore why Eminem has attained much success. Opening with “Cold Wind Blows,” Eminem embraces the insane beat with his usual verbal trickery and maniacal style taking on critics and Mariah Carey just to name a few. “On Fire” follows suit with a more cohesive vibe. The cut feels cypher-ish as Em effortlessly spits perfected nouns and verbs into the mic, while the rock driven “Won’t Back Down,” featuring an abrasive shout from Pink keeps the listener in tune with the theme of Recovery.
The epic “Not Afraid,” Recovery‘s first born hearkens to “The Way I Am” and “Lose Yourself” in its glorification and chant chorus, “I’m not afraid/to take a stand/everybody come take my hand.” It is a brazen “Kumbaya.” “No Love,” takes 90’s sampling to new levels as Eminem discusses how he has returned to himself with an appearance from Lil Wayne and on “So Bad,” produced by Dr.Dre, Eminem explains why he is the way he is. Recovery‘s closer, “Here We Go,” impacts the speakers with the chaotic cadence delivered from Havoc and Em’s commanding delivery.

was initially titled Relapse 2, a continuation of one of the most prolific albums of 2009, this one tops the last. There is a simmering feel that Eminem is back for good this time in spite of the hiatus he took after Encore and will be around for quite awhile in the rap game.


Recovery  receives a PARLÉ
PARL…Kinda Great


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