Lucky Harmon – A Bright Future

Music is Lucky Harmon‘s life. He has been singing since he was 12. He was born and raised in the Baltimore area, then moved to Carroll County where he took chorus in elementary school and middle school. In high school he took All-State chorus and ensemble. While in vocal ensemble Lucky did shows locally and statewide that gave him quality showmanship and some stage presence, he also attended show choir camps of America. It has always been his dream to make it big in the industry. He has a new hot sound for the industry that he refers to as Club Pop.


Lucky’s influences are Mario and Jesse McCarthy just to name a few.  He recently finished recording his new EP Welcome to My World at Baker Boyz Ent recording studio. Hopefully in the near future you will see him on TV, read other magazine articles or be hearing him on the radio. He has a huge drive and great work ethic. Lucky has the look , talent and a unique sound that will launch the next music evolution. He is determined to make it happen,  with  continued effort he will be a huge success.


You can join him in Lucky’s world at check it out listen to his music and feel free to leave comments. Lucky also does cover songs when he performs at various shows.  Besides music, Lucky’s family which includes his two children Landon who is 4 and Emma who is 3, mean the world to him.


Lucky writes his own songs that stem from his own life experiences. When he hears a sound or beat that moves him he hits the studio right away to get to work on it.  Music is in Lucky’s soul, it’s a huge part of who he is and he is very passionate about it, it’s what drives him. With the drive and determination Lucky has he is sure to take the music industry by storm. Major exsposure  will bring him into the Industry.  Just released hit single Narcissist worldwide feat Rufus Blaq and Kenni Ali. Also Ringtone Released on Itunes get it on sale now…



Download the single:  Lucky Harmon ft. Rufus Blaq & Kenni Ali – Narcissist


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