Jawan Harris – Fearless Approach, Endless Possibilities

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Our interview with teen singing sensation, Jawan Harris

Young soulful singer, Jawan Harris is quickly becoming a teenage heartthrob. The eager fourteen year-old and Chicago native spoke of his roots and why his family is his main inspiration in our recent interview. Beginning his on stage performing career as a young child, Harris fearlessly approaches the ever-changing music industry with the RCA/Bystorm team behind him. This is a closer look on what Jawan has in store.

Where are you from?
Jawan Harris: I’m from Chicago

Parlé: How important is music to you?
Jawan Harris:  It’s the number one thing I love to do, it’s my passion.


Parlé: Everyone is singing and dancing these days, even rappers, but what makes you unique?
Jawan Harris:  That’s a good question, I feel like a singer with passion and soul. Not too many artists sing with passion nowadays, I just have soul.

Parlé: When you look in the mirror what do you see?
Jawan Harris: I see myself as a normal kid chasing my dream and succeeding. My plan is to succeed. I’m not too concerned about money, just to know that I’m doing what I want to, I’m happy about it.

Parlé: Do you see yourself as more of an artist or a singer?
Jawan Harris: I’m an artist, an artist is creative and that’s what I am. Anyone can sing but not everyone is an artist.

Parlé: If you could pick one performer to be beside yourself, who would it be and why?
Jawan Harris: It would definitely be Michael Jackson, he is the greatest performer so definitely Michael Jackson

Parlé: Who are your favorite dancers out now?
Jawan Harris: Right now, I would have to say Chris Brown, he’s a good singer and an excellent dancer.

Parlé:  What influences your music the most?
Jawan Harris: It would be my parents, they are the best as well as my real friends and my fans. They all are great inspirations.

Parlé: How important is the company you keep?
Jawan Harris:  It’s important to surround yourself with good people, I’m a good person, just important to surround yourself with positive people.

Parlé:  How important is social media such as Twitter to your success?
Jawan Harris: It’s very important, just to make people happy by me following them or them saying something to me and being able to respond to people. It’s a good way to keep in contact with my fans/supporters.

Parlé: Last question, in a conversation with God, in your final hour whom are you thanking him for?
Jawan: I would thank God for my family and my real friends and thank him for giving me a dream and allowing me to follow it.


Parlé: Thank you for your time
Jawan Harris:  No problem bro, anytime.


Jawan has potential for serious longevity in this business, with a swagger reminiscent to his influence Michael Jackson, his future is glistening with possibilities. Follow him on twitter (@SingerJawan) and check his new video “Keisha” featuring Young Money’s Tyga.


Image by Amy Tierney


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