‘Man On A Ledge’ movie review – Thoughts On This Thriller

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The Man on a Ledge movie is the kind of movie that will have you at the edge of your seat from start to finish.  The movie can be compared to a roller coaster. Starting off slow to build up tension and suspense but once it has reached the peak, let the onslaught of action begin.

 Man on a Ledge starts off with Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) checking into a hotel and having an exquisite meal. Once complete with the meal he steps through the window and onto the ledge where he is spotted by a nearby pedestrian. The audience is then left with a cliffhanger as the story back tracks to explain the story that led up to that moment. As the movie goes back to explain things it may actually make a few people more confused. The hints and clues given are too few and far in between and by the time everything is caught up, you’re sitting in your seat scratching your head wondering if you just missed something important because you’re still lost.

Returning back to the ledge, we find out that the streets have been blocked off and a crowd of eager onlookers have gathered to see if Nick will really jump. When the initial officers who arrived on the scene fail to talk him off the ledge Nick makes a request for Lydia Anderson, (Elizabeth Banks) a professional negotiator.  At first she seems inept and this idea is further continued when we discover that in her last case she was unable to talk the jumper down and they took their own life in the end. Lydia speaks to Nick gaining his trust and getting him to really tell her why he is out on that ledge. A good deal into the movie the full story is finally revealed to us. That also reveals some of the other power players of the movie, Ed Harris, Jamie Bell and Genesis Rodriguez. Overall it was a good movie.

There were many twists and even a handful of jokes that will surely keep the audience intrigued. If not for the delay in the beginning this could have been a highly successful movie. I would recommend people to go see it but if they are easily bored and give up on a movie after the first few minutes then this is not the one for you. However, once you do get hooked you’ll be wondering when it happened and what was it that finally got you to fall for this movie.

Man On A Ledge movie receives a PAR 

PARL…Kinda Great
PARLÉ… Classic


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