Introducing You To… Seattle, Washington

Seattle is synonymous with rain, romance, and the Pike Place Market. While we do have abundance of all of those things, Seattle is much more than that. Seattle is a recreational lover’s playground. It is surrounded by the beautiful Puget Sound to the west and a breathtaking view of Mt. Rainier to the south-east. Puget Sound is great for kayaking, paddle boarding, and whale watching; it also has numerous small island communities that are great if you feel like hopping a ferry and taking a day trip.  More exploring can be done on Mt. Rainier, where hikers get gorgeous views of glaciers and meadows spotted with brightly colored wildflowers. 


After a long day of outdoor recreation it’s only natural to crave a mean meal. Well, Seattle has your back there, too. It is a culinary wonderland of fresh seafood. The Crab Pot is a waterfront restaurant where bad table manners are encouraged. A big bowl of crab legs, lobster, clams, and more is strewn over the table and diners are given mallets to crack open the locally caught fare. 

If you are seeking something more laid back, head over to Judy Fu’s award winning Snappy Dragon restaurant located in the small neighborhood of Maple Leaf. Here, you will be served home-style Mandarin/Szechuan style food that is so good you will think about making Seattle your permanent residence. 

If you are more into the art and music scene, Seattle has you covered. Grunge may have been all the rage in the 90’s, but lately Seattle has become synonymous with indie music-spotlighting the likes of Modest Mouse, The Postal Service, and Death Cab for Cutie. Underground Hip-Hop is also getting some major spotlight right now. The Seattle music scene is a diverse, supportive, and tight knit community of artists which makes it ideal for the musician that really wants to connect with their fans. 

Lastly, if you are looking for a one stop shop to Seattle then you can find it at the Pike Place Market. It’s a place where you can take in local food, have gorgeous views of the water, and make a pit stop at the original Starbucks. What could be more Seattle than that? 


Skyline images by Sierra Grice

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