Radio to Production, DJ Spinz, Keeps the Hits In Rotation

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You would be hard pressed to turn on the radio today and not jam to hits like “Riot” from 2 Chainz,  “Cashin Out,” by Cash Out or Rick Ross’ newest banger, “Ring Ring” featuring Future.  The fact that these hits have taken over the airwaves is an understatement.  HoodRich DJ, DJ Spinz has paid his fair share of dues. With over 10 plus years in the business, from Radio DJ at Atlanta’s 107.9, mixtape releases with the famed Space Invaders brand, to more recently becoming one of the best known production gurus in today’s game.  He has undoubtedly created a lane for himself as the hits continuously get cranked out.  Parlé with us, as I sit down and find out more about the man behind the music; his signature sound, what separates him from his peers, as well as what you can expect from him going forward.


Parlé Magazine: For those who do not know your story, can you start off by telling them where you are from?

DJ Spinz:  I am originally from Augusta, GA. I moved to Atlanta about 5 years ago after graduating college, to further my career musically, by enrolling in the Art Institute for Audio Production; I’ve been here ever since.


Parlé:  Let’s start with your latest hit, how did the “Ring, Ring” collaboration with Rick Ross and Future happen?

Dj Spinz:  That record actually was out of my hands so to say. I didn’t know it made the Rich Forever Mixtape. I had sent Ross a batch of records, and never really heard nothing in return.  The record was given to Future about 7 months ago, and when the tracklisting was released it was on there. I was shocked. I called up DJ Scream, wasn’t sure. I called up Future and he said he didn’t know, I called up Ross’ peoples and they said they was feeling it and the rest was on there, so I was cool with that.  I am a firm believer that sometimes blessings fall out of the sky, and that placement was just that a blessing from above.


Parlé:  Also to your credit you have been behind other big records such as “Riot” and “Cashin Out,” what type of momentum has all of  that created, and where do you plan to take it?

DJ Spinz:  The whole thing for me is just to continue to grow and keep putting out quality music. I am all about progress and advancing my craft. I make it a point to make sure that my beats are new, and different. The goal is to make every beat distinguishable from the next. Of course, it’s a movie, but I intend to give you different scenes every time the people get something from me.


Parlé:  How do you choose your placements?

DJ Spinz:  More often than not the placements choose themselves you know. A lot of times I may have a vision but it’s all about the records that the artists put together. I may have someone in mind when I create, but ultimately it’s about who makes the dopest record at the time and I go with that.  Also, there are times when I really respect someone’s grind, and I want to work with them, I pretty much make that happen when the time comes, but I feel like when things are meant to be they will happen; that’s how I approach my music and its placements.


Parlé:  Are there are any artists’ that we should look forward to hearing bless your tracks in the near future?

DJ Spinz:  Definitely I have a collaborative effort coming soon with my partners HPG where we are going to focus on some of the most creative and talented up and comers in the industry, in all elements—writers, artists, etc. so make sure to be checking for that.  Of course me and my partner Pretty Boy Tank are gonna drop Space Invaders 9 real soon, I also have the new Waka Flocka single “Rooster in my Rari” circulating; as well I co-produced with CB4 on the new Gucci Mane single “Don’t Make Sense” featuring Fabolous and 8 Ball. So for me it’s just more of the same, hard work and putting out good music.


Parlé:  What would you say is your signature sound, beat wise?

DJ Spinz:  My signature sound, which would be something significant that you hear in my music, “Cut It Up” Alot of people think it’s an AYO sound effect, but it’s not its organic, it’s actually my little brother, and that’s what you will hear all the time from me.  I am Southern to the soul, influenced by Blues records. I’m from the home of James Brown so that soulful inspiration is in all my records.  Also, I don’t sample, which sets me apart from a lot of other producers.


Parlé:  How did you make the transition from DJing to production?

DJ Spinz:  Well I have been in the DJ game since about 13, 14 years old and I’ve been blessed to be on the radio since the age of 16 and in a lot of ways I felt like I had established myself in that lane and I wanted to advance my career. When I moved to Atlanta for college, I started messing with keyboards. I was intrigued with the production side of it and I stuck with it.


Parlé:  As a DJ, do you feel it a responsibility to break records, or supply the public with the hits that they are accustomed to?

DJ Spinz:  For me I feel that is part of the element that I bring to the game, I definitely take the responsibility of breaking records. My team had a hand in breaking some records that went on to be successful like “Bring It Back,” “Make It Rain,” “Racks on Racks,” and “Tony Montana.”  In my opinion that’s what I feel us as DJs are here to do, give you the newest stuff. Space Invaders brand of mixtapes have been know for a while for doing just that. I have always been in touch with what’s going on in the city musically, and people respect that about me.


Parlé:  You are the tour DJ for Travis Porter, I know that comes with some crazy stories, do you mind sharing some of the highlights of your time in Canada, Japan, as well as other countries you guys have hit

DJ Spinz:  Aside from the business of it all, those are my brothers. We’ve been down with each other before all the records, success, etc. We’ve spent many nights kicking it and grinding; truth be told we did “Go Shawty” in my living room. So when we’re out on tour it’s just like having fun on the road with family and it just so happens that we are handling business as well.


Parlé:  Can the same be said for going on tour with Big Sean?

DJ Spinz:  Definitely, I was on a leg of their tour, as well I was on the road with Waka Flocka, all them are like my brothers, they are all good people. The shows are packed and we having a great time, and it’s a blessing.


Parlé:  You mentioned earlier the venture with HPG and looking for talent, what exactly do you look for in an artist?

DJ Spinz:  To me what separates artists is the individuality. It’s when you can tell that what someone is doing is real, and it comes from the heart, it stands out.  I am big on originality; when I speak of talent, that’s what talent is to me.


Parlé:  Thanks for your time.  Much continued success.


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