It’s Brian Angel Season! – The Brian Angel Interview

Brian Angel interview
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Brian Angel might have made a name for himself while making appearances on MTV’s Making The Band for 3 seasons, in the midst joining Day 26, but he’s long been a part of the business of music, developing relationships with industry insiders and artists since he was 14 years old.  The Houston, TX native initially helped form the group Mason Rd, which garnered him his first AND second record deal, while just a teen.  The Day 26 story goes without saying, but two albums, #1 and #2 positions on the Billboard charts, countless shows and awards nominations.  The success helped the crew get a deal with Atlantic Records to release their third album, even after separating from Bad Boy Records and Diddy, but the crew decided this summer to part ways to focus on individual projects.  For Brian, that means it’s officially Brian Angel season.  Already he’s released his debut buzz single, “Killa” featuring Dorrough Music and he has plans to keep his foot on the pedal with more releases to come.  He even starts filming his first movie, Save Me From Love, at the end of August.



We caught up with Brian on his visit to New York City where he opened up about his feelings on the Day 26 situation, his plans for the future, and what it would take to release another Day 26 album.  He’s a free spirited, personable family man. Plus he’s a talented singer with an impressive business mind.  Here’s his full story…


Parlé Magazine:  First things first, let’s talk about this Day 26 split.  What were the factors that brought that about?
Brian Angel:  Day 26, I wouldn’t say is totally split up. It’s not like broken up forever, we’re taking a break. Everybody has grown so much throughout this entire process it’s like we needed this break from each other to express ourselves as artists. I can definitely guarantee that there will be more Day 26 albums in the future, but right now it’s just a growing period.


Parlé: What were the goals for the group, especially since leaving Bad Boy?  Because it’s been kinda quiet from you all since moving to Atlantic Records?
Brian: Of course like any other group or any other artist, the goal was to be together forever, to put out great music for years to come. I never would’ve imagined Day 26 would be at the point where it is now. God works on mysterious ways and I feel like he kinda forced us to go on a break for a reason. I’m definitely going to use that and take that to my advantage because a lot of people know us, but they don’t know us as individual artists.


Parlé:  And you switched your management it seems right before the “split” correct?
Brian:  I had a problem with my old management, who was managing the entire group, because his concentration was just on one person. I feel like when you’re managing a group, especially a group like Day 26, you can’t do that. That was my purpose of relieving him of his managerial duties.  As far as I was concerned I needed someone who was going to work just as hard for myself as well as my label. Cause I have a label now, so I want someone who is going to work hard for me and the label and everything I was doing. I was getting movie scripts and play offers and things like that and half the stuff wasn’t even coming to me. I’d run into these people and they’d be like, ‘yo man, I been trying to get at you. I hollered at such and such, but he keep shooting me ol’ buddy’s name.’ I’m like, oh really?! Like promoters, they’d try to book me to come to such and such and they be like, ‘I tried to book you to come to di-di-di-da, and he tried to throw me such and such. That played a huge role in me relieving him of his duties.


Parlé:  Did that affect your personal relationship with the other guys in the group? Cause we saw what happened with Que, who has similar feelings it seemed?
Brian:  Let me put it out in the air, the person in the group that he was concentrating on, I have no problem with at all!  That’s my brother. I feel like if he’s feeding his family and he’s doing what he has to do to take care of his family then I’m all for it. I’m all about family. I wasn’t mad at him because he was doing what he had to do as far as his family was concerned, I was upset with the management situation because there’s 3 other people in this group, what about everybody else.


Parlé:  Who was the person in the grop he was focusing on?
Brian:  I rather not say…


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Parlé:  Okay.  Well we actually interviewed Willie from the group last week.  One of my writer’s did actually.  It’s not my attention to start a rift or anything, but it just seems like the two of you were best suited for solo careers and right now the two of you are making the most progress.  When my writer asked him what advice he had he mentioned, “If you have a Jordan on your team, then let Jordan be Jordan. Just remember that the end goal is the championship; never lose sight of that.”  Of course it was part of a longer quote, just wanted to get your thoughts on it though.
Brian: Did he refer to himself as Jordan? (Laughs) It’s all good man, when you got people around you that are pumping your head up leading you to believe you are that dude, after a while you start to believe that. There were times where I pulled people’s card… So who was Jordan and who was Pippen? That’s all I’m saying.

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