The Reintroduction of Willie Taylor mixtape download

Willie Taylor has finally released his new mixtape.  After the official Day 26 break-up earlier this year, the focus is solely on Willie for the moment.  After setting himself apart with his first mixtape, Sextape, he is back with his follow-up, The ReIntroduction of Willie Taylor mixtape.   The mixtape is hosted by BIG TIGGA and DJ V DUB and it also features guest appearances from Dondria, TANK, JEREMIH, Do or Die, Crucial Conflict and more. Check it out here…


The reintroduction of Willie Taylor mixtape tracklist

Download:  The Reintroduction of Willie Taylor   |  Alt.  Link


The ReIntroduction of Willie Taylor Tracklist

01. Revive R&B [Prod. By JayJosh]
02. 12 Play [Prod. By B. Alexander]
03. Big Tigger Exclusive Interview Pt.1
04. Instagram Ya’ Body (Feat. Jeremih) [Prod. By Kajun & Dre Hen]
05. Not Mine (Feat. Dondria) [Prod. By B. Alexander]
06. Affion Crockett (Who The F*ck Is Willie Taylor)
07. Morning [Prod. By Devin Johnson & Romayo]
08. Earthquake [Prod. By Kajun & Dre]
09. Big Tigger Exclusive Interview Pt. 2
10. The Liquor (Feat. Do Or Die & Crucial Conflict) [Prod. By Hurracane]
11. Rico Love Drop
12. Talkin’ Shit (Interlude) [Prod. By Keyz]
13. Over (Feat. Tank) [Prod. By B. Alexander]
14. Sylenna Johnson Drop
15. Story Of Your Heart (Feat. Arrogant) [Prod. By Baris Bolton & Blaze]
16. Forever Girl [Prod. By Kajun & Dre Hen]
17. Ginuwine Drop
18. Doin Is Rigth Here (Feat. Mush Millions & Avery Smith) [Prod. By Black Tha Beast]
19. Sinkin’ [Prod. By Melza & Toxic]
20. Bobby V Drop o TROWT
21. Breakfast In Bed (Interlude) (Feat. Niyana) [Prod. By GlobeTrakkers]
22. Whatever It Takes [Prod. By Devin Johnson & InVincible]
23. Big Tigger Exclusive Interview Pt. 3
24. Life Saver [Prod. By B. Simms]
25. You & I [Prod. By B Simms]
26. Big Tigger Outro




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