Dead Prez – Information Age album review

Information Age, the the first album from Dead Prez in eight years focuses on the inevitable consequences of technology. This deeply introspective look at our society and the world around us proves that Dead Prez is an intellectual group that digs deeper than most Hip-Hop artists.


On the track “What If The Lights Go Out,” Stic.Man and M1 ponder what could happen if civilization were to collapse. Rather than pushing their own agenda, the track, much like the rest of the album simply poses the questions for the listeners to ponder.


On the track, “Dirty White Girl,” the group shifts gear to address the dangers of processed food, drugs and the pit falls of our fast paced world. The instrumentation on “Dirty White Girl” is by far the most unique with electric guitars and vocalization that is reminiscent of old school Outkast.


The album is quite short, just 42 minutes including skits.  However, each track is worthy of more than one listen. While I am all for a cohesive album, I began to feel the track topics were almost too similar to each other, as if it were the same song on different beats. Nevertheless, the topic “life in uncertain times” is one that can be explored in-depth for many albums.


The most influential track in my opinion is “Learning Growing Changing.” The song stresses the importance of constantly stretching one’s limits. The styles of beats on this album vary from traditional Hip-Hop to new age Pop-Rap and the capable duo of and M1 flow vividly on each. On “Time Travel” a song that Lil’ Wayne would feel comfortable on, Dead Prez brings their style of rapping into 2012 with a heavily processed, electronic track.  On the final song, “Download-Expand Beyond,” Dead Prez reiterates the dangers of modern day vices.


From the first minute to the last second, the album Information Age plays like a warning to all that will listen to expand your mind and cleanse your body.  This album is years ahead of it’s time in regard to its content and is a positive album that can illuminate the minds of young and old alike.  Once again, Dead Prez break the mold of contemporary Hip-Hop and really change the minds and beliefs of those who take the time to listen.

Written by Jon King

Information Age receives a PARL

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