Frederick Douglass – A Slave’s Will To Be Better

Frederick Douglass

Taking time to honor historical African-American figures throughout history is not only a privilege but a necessity as we should all understand the current things we as people experience would not have been possible without individuals in our past who contributed in the building of life as we know it now.  One individual in particular is Frederick Douglass.

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Frederick Douglass was born in the United States of America during the slavery period.  In his autobiography “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave,” he states not even knowing when exactly he was born.  Imagine not really knowing where the starting point of your life is?  During his childhood, Douglass also dealt with being separated from his mother, being raised by his grandmother until she passed away, and working as a slave.


During his early teen years he was taught the alphabet, which ultimately led to his desire to learn to read.  Even though an educated slave was looked at as unacceptable and even punishable, this would not stop Mr. Douglass’ thirst for knowledge.  Slaves weren’t allowed to go to school and learn how to read and write in a traditional manner at the time, so Mr. Douglass would find other methods to pick up the information.  Mr. Douglass would read books whenever possible, and he would learn from the neighborhood white kids as well.  Once Frederick Douglass was capable of reading and writing he would hold Sunday school sessions with other slaves teaching them how to read and write as well.


Frederick Douglass would ultimately escape from slavery where his passion to see slaves freed would grow tremendously.  Frederick Douglas would go on to become a great speaker for slavery to be abolished altogether.  Not only speaking in the United States but also travelling to other countries gaining supporters who would support the cause of freedom for everyone as well.  They would provide financial resources, which Mr. Douglass used to own and operate newspapers used to speak out against slavery.


Frederick Douglass would spend his remaining years lecturing, writing, and serving in political positions, all with the goal of freedom for everyone.
Written by Mike Free

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