Introducing iMega. Brooklyn Bred, Hip-Hop Influenced

@iamiMega is his twitter name and his stage is simply, iMega. The name in itself garners attention and of course something huge.  As for any up-and-coming artist the platform to get on is very small with large numbers. A few tracks were sent my way from his second independently released mixtape, The Connoisseur, and iMega may have a place in the music industry’s wide spectrum. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York and falling  in love with music at a young age, iMega is setting himself up on the course to have the music heard. I was contacted by his management team to have a chat with the rapper and we discussed his come-up, what he has in store, his mixtape, The Connoisseur and  his goals. Here’s the interview, hope you enjoy and find the time to give iMega’s music a listen.


Parlé Magazine: Tell us what attracted you to Hip-Hop?
iMega: I started rapping when I was eight years old. I had a Michael Jordan poster in my room and it said, “License to Jam” and from that I wrote my first rhyme.

  Who were some of your influences?
iMega: Well I’m from Brooklyn so I was exposed to Biggie. Some of my other influences are Jay-Z, Nas, Pac, Ludacris, and Tech N9Ne. Warren G was a great influence, Snoop Dogg and Scarface.
Parlé:  Do you try to emulate pieces of their style and add your personality to create your own?
iMega: I take a little bit of something from my favorite artist. Biggie was one of the greatest at telling a story, sometimes when i’m writing I think what would he do or how would he say it? Lyrically I try to channel Nas but all in all, I’m what you get.
Parlé: For someone who hasn’t heard your music, describe your style.
iMega: My style is absolute authenticity and honesty. I’m not going to talk about things that I’ve never done or experienced. It will always be about who I am and what I do and I try to give people my point of view.
Parlé: You released, The Connoisseur, you mixtape, last year.  Is that a representation of what listeners should expect from you?
iMega: All the songs were based on some aspect of a relationship. That project is basically about relationships to show my versatility. My last mixtape was called, The Napoleon Complex, it was more personal. I touched on my parents getting a divorce, my dad and how I deal with realistic situations.
Parlé: So, The Connoisseur, is an introduction to the soft side of you?
iMega: Yeah, it was a different side of who iMega is.
Parlé:  Are you trying to find your niche or do you think you’ve found it already?
iMega: I had my sound since I was eight years old. At 15, I joined a group called, Rhyme Syndicate, in order to be down you had to have many different styles. Being trained that way I developed my sound way back then.

 Did you work with anyone on the mixtape?
iMega: I wrote and produced all the tracks on the tape.
Parlé:  Who are some of the people who have made your music a success?
iMega: Well, I have a whole team, it’s called Speechloud Enterprises. We have Speechloud productions, Speechloud videos, it’s basically entertainment purposes.
Parlé:  What can we expect from iMega?
iMega: I don’t only do music, I blog, I shoot videos and I try to be versatile with my online presence. My audience can expect more of that from me because they are who I cater to.
Parlé:  How can potential fans reach you?
iMega: The best way is through my website,, on Facebook and Twitter it’s iamiMega and I respond to everyone.
Parlé:  Thank you for your time.


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