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Her name is Kat St. John. This singer and songwriter is undeniably talented, singing and penning songs that have hit Billboard charts, WorldStar Hip-Hop, allhiphop.com, BET, ABC and more. If you’ve heard a song she’s sang or written, one thing you know for sure-SHE’S A STAR! Her beauty, confidence and talent will definitely be recognized even more so than now. Have fun reading the interview and pay close attention because it won’t be the last time you hear from her.


Parlé Magazine:  Hi Kat St. John. When did your passion for music begin?
Kat St. John:  My passion in music began at a very early age of my life I was 8 years old or younger when I realized I could sing and wanted to do it more. I started in a choir my mom started for the community gang members who she tried to get off the streets in our neighborhood.
Parlé:  You’ve worked with a long list of individuals, can you name just a few?
Kat:  I’ve worked with Trae the Truth, Candi Redd, Marcus Manchild, Just Brittany, Boston George, T.A. (Producer of Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Trey Songz, Slim Thug etc) Raphael RJ2 Producer of many of Lil Wayne’s music, Dunlap who produced for Trey Songs. I’ve also worked with many more people that are up an coming and have graced the stage with French Montana, Destiny’s Child, Monica, Lil’ Wayne, Shawna of DTP, I have performed at the Ozone Awards and my music has made it to the billboard charts and has been on BET, WorldStar Hip-Hop and I’m still working to make it to the top.
Parlé:  What do you enjoy doing more-singing or writing? Or do you enjoy both equally?
Kat:  I enjoy performing more, then writing and singing are equal. I really don’t like rapping as much as I like to listen to it. I wish I could just sing without all the extra that comes with being an artist.
Parlé:  On your Twitter it says, Houston/Louisiana/California. I just knew you had Louisiana somewhere in you when I heard your single, “Get Shot.” I live in Houston but I’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and we visit New Orleans a lot as well. Was that sound inspired by bounce music?
Kat:   I’m from Oceanside, California and I went to college in Grambling, Louisiana that why I have Louisiana on there because I always visit friends and family there.  “Get Shot” has the New Orleans bounce music in it, but I was not inspired by that music to make this record. I was inspired by the DJs to make this record. I thought to myself, “How could I get a SONG where I was SINGING in the club without me fully rapping. So I went to the club and I was listening to them mix in Mary J. Blige as well as Keyshia Cole and other artist in the New Orleans bounce segment of the club so it was then I decided to use the bounce music to cover up the fact that I’m going to sing in the club and still keep the club hype at the same time. The lyrics of the song were inspired by me just sitting and watching the crazy story of Stevie J, Mimi Faust and Joseline of Love and Hip-Hop… so the club inspired me to do a New Orleans bounce record.
Parlé:  I love your style and how you can’t be compared to anyone. How does it feel for people to know the words to your songs and dance to your music?
Kat:  It feels good when I see people can sing my song because it means someone actually took out their time of day to notice little bity ole me and that’s something I really can’t put words to when you come from a family who really doesn’t recognize your talent as much as you think they should, when people you love don’t support and show you love it hurts, so when you see someone give you that much time to listen and learn your song it give me sunshine inside.

Kat St. John video

Parlé:  Let’s play a round of “Getting to Know Kat St. John”. What is your favorite food?
Kat:  My favorite food it sharp cheddar cheese and onions. Lol.
Parlé:  What is your favorite thing to do when you want to have fun?
Kat:  My favorite thing to do for fun is always so random anything that requires relaxing.
Parlé:  Are you a reader? If so, what type of books do you like to read?
Kat:  I love reading, My books I love are “The Secret,”  “48 Laws to Power,” “Coldest Winter Ever,” “Better You,” and so many more. The BIBLE! I love to read Songs of Solomon over and over, the Bible has the best drama and love stories in it.
Parlé:  What is one of your most embarrassing moments?
Kat:  I was singing at my sister’s wedding which was in a garage she was 22 Y/O and as I was singing I could hear my grandma humming with this little church bird voice and I heard it from the end of the garage and I guess because of the shoe environment of the wedding I just could not hold my laugh in. I started to crack up and I bent down and began to act as if I was crying so that no one knew I was laughing and I started saying don’t go sister, lol don’t ask me why I said that. It was so embarrassing .
Parlé:  What else can we expect from Kat St. John? And how can you be reached? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, website, etc….
Kat:  You can expect me to be at the top making more music working with more people , you can find me on Instagram @katstjohnitsme
facebook.com/kat.stjohn1 book me at anytime at 281 468 1420.

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