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His name is Joseph Barrino, but you may remember him on VH1’s Fantasia For Real as “Teeny”. Many may know him as the brother of powerhouse singer, Fantasia, but Joseph is determined to show the world that he is and always stood on his own. I’m sure everyone has formed their own opinion on him from what was portrayed before the world but it’s time to rethink that. He’s not dependent on anyone. He has always been a hustler and he’s ready for his close up to show everyone who Joseph “Teeny” Barrino really is.

Parlé Magazine :
Thank you for doing this interview! I believe the last time everyone saw you on television was on your sister Fantasia’s reality show, Fantasia For Real. When I watched the show it seemed that you were trying to find your way and build your own identity. Tell me, who is Joseph “Teeny” Barrino?
Joe Barrino: Yeah your right, but in a certain way, I already had my identity, I was born with my identity, but they where slowly trying to show it to the world to build ratings. For the record, I’m the funny energetic person that you seen, but they also made me look like I was reckless, and a freeloader off Fantasia’s money. I had my own lil’ spot in Highpoint, NC when they tried to make me look like I had no where to go, I have always been a hustler and have three kids, there’s no way she was taking care of me and my babies. So with that being said, I’m a fun loving father, with a mind that can be compared to one of the greats, a heart of gold, and most intelligent all around talented man that walk the earth. I just need that time to shine, God has blessed me to know and do lots of things, that when I’m done, they will see my greatness, this is who I am.

A couple years ago, you recorded a song, “Special Kind of Love” featuring Fantasia. How did the song do? Were people receptive?
Joe Barrino: Yeah that song just fell up in the list of great songs I have. It really was a combination of two things us and our relationship with each other, plus our love lives at the time, because so many things had happened.  We were really trying to find our bond again, if any, and we both where going thru situations of love, so it end with us sharing with each other our experiences in our love life and as brother and sister, us opening up to each other, and at least, some conversation, rather than none. So it was kinda strange but that’s why it’s a special kind of love.

 How would you describe your musical style?
Joe Barrino: Different. “Multirivmic Soul” is what I call it, meaning a little bit of different styles, mixed with a lot of soul.

Who inspires you musically?
Joe Barrino: Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Sam Cook, Marvin Gaye, Cee- Lo Green, Outkast, Goodie Mob, Jodeci, R Kelly, I can go on for days, and I think my group of favorites are kind like most everybody, but my biggest influence is myself.

Let’s play a round of “Getting to Know” Joseph “Teeny” Barrino? What is your favorite food?
Joe Barrino: Anything chicken! Lol I could eat it everyday.

 What is your favorite thing to do when you want to have fun?
Joe Barrino: Kick back; have a drink and a smoke, look at TV or listen to some great tunes. I’m really laid back, and people do too much at these clubs, so I only go when I’m needing to be there. But I will turn up, (laughs).

Are you a reader? If so, what type of books do you like to read?
Joe Barrino: I’m not really a reader, but I’ve been back in school now for a minute finishing up on my Business degree, so I’m forced back into it, and falling right in the swing things again, getting ready for the big screen, ya dig!

What is one of your most embarrassing moments?
Joe Barrino: For me, it was seeing them make me look like I wasn’t already a boss with my own mind frame of thinking, on Vh1’s Fantasia For Real.

 What else can we expect from “Teeny”? And how can you be reached? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Website, etc.
Joe Barrino: With me only expect greatness and hard work, great albums, great TV, and coming back fast support your Boy, @Vh1_teenybarrino on Instagram. @Teenybarrino on twitter. Joe barrino on Facebook. And website coming soon. Thanks for the love! God Bless!

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