Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? – K. Michelle album review


k michelle - wanna buy a Heart
One thing that is immediately apparent with K. Michelle’s sophomore album, is that she has grown since we’ve last heard her. Not just vocally, but conceptually as well. She still channels a Black woman scorned, but there’s also a deeper connection on Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? Her voice flows effortlessly over the tracks and she never appears to be forcing anything over the tracks. Add in seamless production and this is K. Michelle’s coming out party.

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All the tracks are written or co-written by K. Michelle so you get the feeling she is saying exactly what she wants to on this project. The opener, “Judge Me” is a message to haters and bloggers who have a lot to say about her. Its in the same vein as her Zero Fucks Given mixtapes, with a much more tasteful delivery.

On tracks like “Going Under” and “Hard To Do” she carries the sample to new levels and its a reminder of what great range she has as both a writer and a singer. Oakwud’s use of “The Message” for “Going Under” and Soundz use of “Kissing You” for “Hard To Do” make for an effortless updated sing along material.

“Cry” stands out as one of the most magical songs on the album. It is the song that truly describes how hurt people hurt people. A heartbroken K. Michelle promises that her ex will “suffer” when she does her best to pay him back. “You gone cry/you gonna pay me in tears/you gonna cry/you owe me for all these years,” Michelle sings. Its one of a few tracks by producers “Ronnie “Lil Ronnie” and B.A.M. to be featured on the album.

The single, “Maybe I Should Call” is just one of the gems featured on the album. Its another honest and emotional song K. Michelle as she continues to carve a lane that’s all her own. Similarly, seems like every woman agrees that, “Drake Would Love Me” is their theme song. With K. Michelle you can’t really tell if she’s serious or not, but its still a fun song for an otherwise serious themed album.

Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? is a step up from her debut album and hopefully a sign of more to come from one of R&B’s shining stars.

Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? receives a PARL