King Sesame – NY Born, Midwest Bred, Greatness Bound

Born in Brooklyn, New York and currently based in Indianapolis, Indiana, rapper King Sesame has been paving his musical path since an early age. Surrounded and influenced by some of the greats of our era, his sound is like nothing you have ever heard. “I dont want to be cliché,” Sesame says. “I want people to respect my music. I have the drive to be original and to stay true to who I am as a person and as an artist, and not create a gimmick with my artistry.”

Listening to artists like 2pac on the West Coast as well as Jay-z, B.I.G. and Nas on the East, plus Eminem from the Midwest and Jeezy from the south, Sesame has many influences. My mother always had R&B, Soul, and Jazz music playing around the house so I just picked up on singing naturally. Growing up, King wanted to emulate the freedom of expression that his favorite artists embodied with their lyrics. Born in Fort Green. Brooklyn he was surrounded by a level of poverty that drove people into drugs, into the ghetto and the streets. While divulging into that lifestyle personally, music gave him an outlet to convey his experiences, his fears and his ambition; an ambition that still drives him today as a creative artist.

King Sesame has been featured on 2 platinum albums by R&B Singer Avant. King  released his first mixtape Bow to the King  last year and  his 2ndmixtape  Malcolm Ses in March 2014. He is currently working on his KISS EP to be released in 2015, which features production from Jahlil beats, Zaytoven, 808 mafia and many others.

The story of King Sesame is one of humble beginnings and an undying ambition to strive towards greatness to fulfill a higher purpose. The tribulations of his youth and unfortunate dispositions of his early adulthood have sculpted him into a much wiser man, all while maintaining a certain undeniable charisma that continues to draw new fans in everyday.

Check out the lead single from his upcoming Kiss EP here:
“Magazine Bxtch”

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