Keem The Koolster Has Big Dreams For Hip-Hop out the Bahamas

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Keem The Koolster is a skilled music producer/songwriter born and bred in Nassau, Bahamas.  In the small city on the island where mostly Dancehall is celebrated, Keem has found his niche in Hip-hop infused with elements of indie pop and indie rock.  Inspired by the likes of Kanye, Jay-Z, Eminem and Kid Cudi, Keem hopes to become a staple in the music business for himself and the Bahamas much like duo Rock City have done for themselves and The Virgin Islands.

Keem’s rap name, is influenced by his love for indie pop and indie rock.  With names like Passion Pit and Neon Indian, he felt like his childhood nickname of simply Keem would not be sufficient. Plus the name allows him to instantly show off his versatility. As much as he loves Hip-Hop, his music production and artistry is also influenced by artists such as Foster The people,  Vampire Weekend and Bloc Party.

Last year he released his first mixtape, Rage Blvd. vs. The World, a mixtape of instrumentals inspired by the film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. It’s a very uptempo project and while he originally planned to record over the songs, he decided these songs should stand alone to spotlight his production. He plans to release an official full mixtape later this year.

What’s next for these young artist is still to be seen. He knows that the reality of it is that making it out of the Bahamas is unlikely, so a move is on the horizon, but he also wants to be the representative that they need. “There’s nothing happening out here. Even aside from music there’s nothing to do,” Keem admits. “Everyone with higher aspirations have  hopes of leaving to better their craft.” It’s a lot of pressure to carry a city on your back. Even more pressure to carry an island. But Keem The Koolster is prepared to do just that.

Bahamas stand up.

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