Sawdayah Brownlee – A Dynamic Combination of Art & Science

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Whether it’s studying at a prestigious historically black college, conducting a raw food taste test with her four year old nutritional students or striking a pose for editorial shoots; Sawdayah Brown lee is always committed to giving her personal green touch. She was born in Detroit and eventually migrated to South Carolina with her family as a young girl. After high school, she moved on to Washington, D.C where she graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree after immersing herself in Africana Studies at the renowned Howard University.

While residing in New York, Sawdayah has pursued modeling and her over- arching passions – agriculture and nutrition. To her, agriculture is art and science; a satisfying union between her love for earth and producing beautiful art through her modeling. By connecting beauty with her passions she brings to all projects a certain level of informed execution which is evident in the final results. She has proven herself to be versatile while maintaining her integrity and delivering stunning results repeatedly. To date, Sawdayah has graced the likes of Midwest Black Hair Magazine, Taji Magazine, Red Room Luxe – OMhh Hair Salon, Tafari Tribe, Loc Appreciation Day 2014, Shirley and Alice Vintage Boutique and a plethora of other art projects with her stunning beauty.

Sawdayah hopes to further marry her passions by opening a juke joint similar to those popular in the south during the early twentieth century. She would like for it promote and service its clients with healthy Gullah cuisine and music from the African Diaspora.  It’ll also serve as a living testimony to African culture and spirituality, partially inspired by her spiritual tradition Ifá and a fundamental aspect of it – the upliftment of our Ancestors . Through all of her endeavors Sawdayah hopes to further the greatness of those before her and to further build  a strong foundation for those who follow to stand on.
Measurements : 35.5”|32″|41″
Instagram: @africanherbsmaam
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Images by Nay Marie Photography and Retouching


main image by Joey Rosado