Tina Campbell Reveals Artwork For Highly Anticipated Solo Album & Book

Tina Campbell Interview
It's Personal - Tina Campbell's debut solo album
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The solo album from Tina Campbell of Mary Mary is almost here!  She’s released the artwork for the project, which is simply titled, It’s Personal.  The twelve track album will be released independently on her label with husband Teddy Campbell, Gee Tree Creative.  The album features the lead single, “Destiny,” which has generated quite the buzz since premiered it in NYC a month ago.

I Need A Day To Pray, Tina Campbell book cover
I Need A Day To Pray, Tina Campbell book cover

The album will also be released with a book, titled, “I Need A Day To Pray.”  The book is essentially a journal that Tina kept beginning in 2012 through 2013, when she was going through some trying times in her life, professionally and with her marriage.  “The book was my personal journey to God. I wasn’t trying to write a book for nobody I was just in such a broken place,” Tina admitted in a recent interview with parlemag.com. “So I was like God, there’s so much confusion and discontent going on with my life, I don’t want this. I’ma take some time off, I’ma pray, I’ma get refocused and centered and God’s going to help me through. I did not know all the extra things that God was going to need to help me through, but when all these things started happening in my life I just kept adding more and more to this prayer. I was adding to this prayer every single day, all day.” The full interview will be up soon.

The album, It’s Personal and book, “I Need A Day To Pray” hit stores on May 7th.

On May 30th Tina will also present An Evening With Tina Campbell where she will present excerpts from the book as well as perform songs from the project.  The event will take place in California at In His Presence.

An Evening With Tina Campbell
An Evening With Tina Campbell