Tyson Beckford, Still One of the Most Recognized Beings of Male Perfection

Take a set of Chippendale dancers… Then insert sexy male model and actor, Tyson Beckford right in the middle.  You have a perfect combination!  Beckford is the newest celebrity to hosts the wildly popular Chippendale lineup.  He follows Joey Lawrence and Ian Ziering, who commanded a second guest appearance due to popular demand.  Beckford will host for four weeks only from April 30 – May 24th at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.
When I spoke with Beckford, he hadn’t yet attended rehearsals and wasn’t fully sure what all his hosting duties included, but rest assured he won’t have to do much besides take off his shirt to entertain what is sure to be audiences full of screaming women. With a lead role in the highly anticipated film Chocolate City, Beckford is no stranger to dancing; so the ladies that attend the Chippendale review in Las Vegas can expect a lot of booty shaking.

He says when he first received the call to be the celebrity guest host; there was no hesitation on his part. “I was excited, I mean it’s a worldwide franchise and as a young guy growing up I looked at these guys always having a great body and I always wanted to have a good body like them,” Beckford explained.  “It’s an honor, these guys are legendary and when you think of classy male reviews—Chippendales is number one in the world.”

Beckford also revealed that his next movie, Chocolate City is way more risqué than Chippendales, so ladies get ready to line the box offices.  “I was dancing in front of 400 screaming women every time I had to shoot a scene, so it’s not that surprising for me to do this—it’s not that far of a stretch,” he revealed.  Chocolate City is due out in theaters on May 22nd and is about an all-male strip club.  The film also stars Michael Jai White, Ginuwine and Vivica A. Fox.

Beckford BarIn preparation for his upcoming time with Chippendales, Beckford discussed how he eats healthy and exercises to stay in shape and maintain his chiseled frame of perfection.  His first tool of exercise begins on his own specially developed Beckford Bar, which is a liner motion push-up bar that helps build abs, the chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, and core.  Created by Beckford and his best friend, it’s being implemented in the Chippendales routine to allow the ladies to see how he gets pumped up for show.

“It’s mainly an upper body work out; but if you stay on it long enough you’ll start feeling it in your quads and your gluts,”  Beckford describes.  “There are two ways to do it; either standard push-ups or you can just sit there in a plank.  Since it’s on a ball baring system, there’s no tension—it’s similar to a skateboard wheel, it’s just going to roll.  The secret is in controlling the bar itself—pulling it in and coming up and down with control, that’s where the workout is.”  Within 30 days of continued use, Beckford claims that you will see a such a difference of who you were before, but three to six months of continued use and you can begin to start carving out your Beckford body.

For those looking to perfect the “Beckford Body” Tyson also points out that 80% of what goes into it is diet—as it pertains to workout and staying healthy.  You need to get the right amount of fruits and vegetables and put in the time.  While he doesn’t believe in diets in the traditional sense of word, he says he does eat lots of fruits, veggies and no red meats, but he’s big on fish.  Not a fan of going out to dinner, Beckford is an avid cook and he attributes that to maintaining better control over what he consumes.

TYSON BECKFORD APRIL 3, 2015 Las Vegas, Nevada USA Photos By Denise Truscello
APRIL 3, 2015
Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Photos By Denise Truscello

Well if it’s true what they say, you are what you eat, then Beckford is doing a damn good job serving as his own personal chef.  Eating organically, dancing in male reviews and working out on his on Beckford Bar is producing results I plan to keep watching and I know I’m not the only one.  Find Beckford online on his social media feed and watch out for him on Vine, where he posts workout videos and shows you how he gets it in.

Twitter:  @TysonCBeckford
Instagram: @TysonCBeckford

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