Five Tips To Help You Find Love In 2016

Happy New Years!  Did you have any luck on finding love in 2015? If you’re answer was no, then I have some tips to help you find love in 2016 that you can put in your to go bag for this new year.  When it comes to love, it seems hard to find these days. So many games are being played now. From people being hurt in their past relationships, to people that won’t be faithful to save their life. Finding love, is like taking the exit exam in school. With so many praying and hoping to pass the test let me give you a few tips, on finding the Mr. Right or Ms. Right you seek. 

Tip 1:
The first thing you want to do, is pray for a soul mate. That’s one of our biggest problems. We want to make our own decisions, instead of letting God be in the midst of it all.

Tip 2:
Be careful where you find the one you’re looking for. Looking for love in the club, isn’t a good place. So many people, are doing that. Trying to find someone in the club, means you’re most likely looking for a temporary hookup. But at the end of the day, what’s for you is for you. Because you can meet someone at church, and it still doesn’t work out.

Tip 3:
Always remember, to be yourself. That’s real as it gets. There are some good actors out here. You got some people who wait until way on down the road to show their true colors. And that’s not good, especially when you’re feelings are involved.

Tip 4:
This 4th tip is very important once you find someone with potential.  Whatever you were doing to get your mate, continue to do that. That’s where a lot of relationships fail. You feel that you have that person now so you don’t have to continue doing all the good things you used to do when you first met. I think we all have fallen guilty of that before. We are only human. But like I said before, that’s very important. If you were dressing in sexy outfits before, don’t stop now that you’re booed up. If you were opening cars doors for your mate on the first two dates, don’t leave it up to her on the third date. Because after you have been together for a while, things start to fall off. So you got to be ready, to throw gas back on the fire of love.

Tip 5:
  My final tip:  Present yourself, like the person you want to meet.  If you are dressed half naked, then maybe you will meet someone that wants to take the rest of your clothes off.  Are you looking for a one night stand, or are you really looking for love? That’s a deep question. Now don’t be the one saying you looking for love, and when you get that right person you don’t know how to treat them. Then end up cheating and mistreating them. Don’t be that person. Say what you want, and be real when that time comes. These are some of the things that are happening everyday in relationships. It’s really hard out here, when it comes to love. So when you find the right one, please do what it takes to keep that person.

Like I said before, Happy New Year. May you have a blessed 2016. And remember, when finding love it takes two.

So whatever decision you make, make sure it’s true. Words for your mind. Holla!

Phillip Parker Jr.

Phillip Parker Jr. is the author of the book 'Life Hills.' He have written for several magazine companies including Levels 2 Me magazine, Blink Atlanta Magazine, and Elite Football Network. Phillip, is also a R&B artist. He been singing, and writing music since he was 13 years old. Mr. Parker, was a radio personality for IBNX Radio in Atlanta, a hit internet radio station, where he would discuss topics from his book.

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