Surprise! Rihanna Anti Album Available For Free, Tracklist and Stream

Rihanna Anti album review
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What a day it was in music.  Kanye.  Wiz. Khalifa.  Amber Rose. B.o.B. But the day ended the way it began, with new music from Rihanna.  This morning, Rihanna’s new single, “Work” featuring Drake was released.  But by mid afternoon everyone had forgotten because Kanye had turned Twitter into a stomping ground for Wiz Khalifa’s soul.  Then Amber jumped in talking about booty play and people completely lost their minds.  Somewhere in all this someone thought it was a good idea to leak the Rihanna Anti album on Tidal.

The leak caught fans attention and Tidal removed the album from the site, but the cat was already out of the bag.  The album was available all over the internet within minutes.  Not sure if that was the final straw or if this was the plan all along, but Tidal officially made the album available a couple hours later.  Rihanna posted a free link for Samsung users as well so even if you don’t have tidal you can get your free copy.  Apparently there are only a limited number of free copies available, but the way the internet works, everyone who wants to have a copy of the Rihanna Anti album, will by mid day.

Samsung did pay $25 million to Rihanna as part of their marketing deal to cross promote the Anti album and the Anti World Tour.  Tidal is also offering a 60 day trial membership for fans who download the project as well.

Anti features 13 tracks, but only one of the singles we’ve heard prior to today, in “Higher.”  So no “Bitch Better Have My Money” or “American Oxygen” or “Put It Up” (featuring Chris Brown), all songs that came out in the last 2 years that were supposed to be on this album.  There is a chance that those songs appear as the 3 bonus tracks on the deluxe edition, due out Friday.

No word yet on whether a physical album will be made available.

Here is the Rihanna Anti album tracklist

1. “Consideration” (feat. SZA) [Tyran Donaldson, Kuk Harrell]
2. “James Joint” [Robert Shea Taylor, Kuk Harrell]
3. “Kiss It Better” [Kuk Harrell, Jeff Bhasker, Glass John, Detail]
4. “Work” (feat. Drake) [Boi-1da, PARTYNEXTDOOR]
5. “Desperado” [Mick Schultz, Kuk Harrell, James Fauntleroy]
6. “Woo” [Hit-Boy, Kuk Harrell, The Weeknd, The-Dream, Travis Scott]
7. “Needed Me” [Frank Dukes, Kuk Harrell, DJ Mustard, Twice As Nice]
8. “Yeah, I Said It” [Timbaland]
9. “Same Ol’ Mistakes” [Kevin Parker]
10. “Never Ending” [Kuk Harrell, Chad Sabo]
11. “Love on the Brain” [Fred Ball]
12. “Higher” [No I.D.]
13. “Close to You” [Brian Kennedy, Kuk Harrell]