Christian Keyes – Multi-Talented Creative Gives Details on New Novel, Dr. Feelgood

Christian Keyes Interview
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Actor, author, screenwriter, singer, songwriter, fitness expert and the resume just goes on and on for Christian Keyes.  As I sat down to chat with him, I wondered how it all began.  He disclosed that growing up, he was in foster care from a very young age.  He started out writing songs at age twelve as a way to escape his reality.  “Paper and pencil was always available,” Keyes explained.  From songs he moved to short stories; all which led to him becoming such a successful multi-talented creative.


Christian Keyes Interview
Dr. Feelgood book cover

During out interview Keyes shared details on his newest novel, Dr. Feelgood.  Dr. Feelgood is Keyes second novel, a follow-up to 2014’s Ladies Night.  Both novels are presented by Carl Weber and released through Weber’s Urbanbooks/Kensington imprint. Dr. Feelgood is “a must read for all readers and book lovers.  I’ve received phenomenal feedback so far,” Keyes offered. “It’s a funny and sexy novel; it’s both witty and intelligent.  It’s about a handsome single psychotherapist, Dr. Phillip Gooden, dubbed Dr. Feelgood by his female patients.  He’s known best by his unusual methods for helping his patients and always making them feel good.” Sounds like a page-turner, ladies.


Keyes wears so many hats; he has his creative juices flowing all over the place.  But says, his passion lies deepest with acting.  “It’s the kid in me; like playing make believe and getting a check for it.  I love to do the things that you don’t do in real life and change roles.  Next is music and writing as a strong second.”  To date, Keyes has appeared in more than 20 films, 40stage productions, 1,200 theatrical shows, 10 national television commercials and has recorded and has released 2 full-length CDs of his own original music.  His most recent film, The Man In 3B was released in theaters in November 2015.  But how does he find the time to balance it all?  Work, play and parenting, he explains, “Parenting is first, my priority.  After that, everything else just falls into place.  I always base work around my little man.”


Christian Keyes Interview
Christian Keyes shows why he’s one of Hollywood’s top eligible bachelors

During the rare moments of down time, Keyes likes to do what the rest of us do – relax.  He’s a self-described movie junkie, so it’s nothing to catch him chilling out with a glass of red wine and watching a good movie on Netflix when he’s not working.  Wondering who he’s spending that down time with, inquiring minds wanted to know, whose Christian Keyes hanging out with for Valentine’s Day, which is right around the corner.  He was named one the 50 most eligible bachelors by Ebony Magazine and we all want to know is it still true.  Never fear ladies, yes he’s still single and available.  So there’s still hope!


My time with him was short, but I wanted to know what else we should be watching out for from Christian.  Fans will be happy to know he’s already working on his next two novels, a few scripts for TV shows and he’ll be staring in Saints and Sinners on Bounce TV, starting March 6th.

Christian Keyes current book, Dr. Feelgood is available everywhere books are sold and/or downloaded, including Amazon, Google, ITunes, Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Borders and Books -A-Million.  “I read all the comments left from my fans on social media, so please reach out to me.  My handles are my name – anything else out there is fake, ” he says.  Find Christian on Facebook at ChristianKeyesOfficial and @ChristianKeyes for both Twitter and IG.