Vocal Prodigy Avery Wilson Has All The Makings of a Superstar

Avery Wilson
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Avery Wilson Is Music’s Next Superstar

If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years chances are you may have missed out on a talented, young singer who goes by the name Avery Wilson. If you haven’t, then like the rest of us with access to a smart phone, you know just how much of a vocal sensation the 20 year-old vine blogger turned Clive Davis/ RCA protege is. With hundreds of millions of vine loops and retweets of his cover songs, backing by producer/singer/songwriter Sean Garrett, and even appearing on NBC’s The Voice as a contestant (#TeamXtina), Wilson is finally ready to show the world what he can do when he puts his creative mind to it. We picked his brain about everything from his love of music to working with legends and it’s definitely a must read Avery Wilson interview. See what he’s all about below.


Parlé Magazine: So we all know you can sing, but when did you realize you wanted to be a singer?
Avery Wilson: Man, all my life I’ve been around music. At first I focused on dancing and just being in the house with my parents. They always kept all different styles and genres of music around me so it [music] has always been something I’ve been interested in. Singing though really came after my dad put me onto it. I didn’t think I had a voice at seven years old but he did and was like, ‘you know you’re going to stop doing all this extracurricular stuff, you got a voice and we need to focus on that.’ At the time I was playing sports and taking dance classes, but by age eight I took it more seriously and started to go around town with my dad doing different shows and building up my confidence. So yeah, it was a very young age.


Parlé Mag: And in discovering your voice and talent what would you say you love about being a singer now?
Avery Wilson: Well the thing I love about the singing aspect for me as an artist is that it really is who I am. I feel like when you open up and you sing for people it gives you the opportunity to show them how special you are. When I was a young kid I wasn’t necessarily in the “in crowd” so it gave me a sense of people actually caring about what it was I did. It made me cool. All the girls were like, ‘Yo, his voice is so amazing!’ And it gave me a sense of confidence I didn’t know I had. The singing part of what I do now is actually the best part because I get to connect with people and the music touches people.


Parlé Mag: So what inspires you to create music that connects with those around you?
Avery Wilson: You know what, I think it’s just being a part of the young generation and seeing so many different art forms in the music. Seeing how people now approach music differently that keeps me inspired and keeps me motivated to create more. You have people like Kehlani who is really fusing R&B and Urban music together, and Bryson Tiller, they’re the king and queen of that at the moment and that’s so amazing for me to see. Us young kids forming some new stuff. Being able to do that keeps me inspired.  And it’s not just R&B music, I’m inspired by everything.


Avery WilsonParlé Mag: Touching on fusing talents and sounds I understand you are also a musician as well? What instruments do you play?
Avery Wilson: At the moment I‘m focused on guitar and piano, but my goal is to definitely get more under my belt. Seeing Prince and seeing all these crazy musicians that sing and can play every instrument under the sun is an inspiration to me.


Parlé Mag: I’m glad you mentioned Prince, perfect segue to talk about some other artist that inspire you. Can you name a few?
Avery Wilson:  For sure. Some that go without saying are Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, like these people to me were really the head of what we aspire to be as young and new artist. Even older artists still look up to them because what they did was so monumental and it was such a life changing experience to see them perform and to see them on the big screen, which is even inspiring me to act now.  Just seeing them be vulnerable, those are my biggest inspirations.


Parlé Mag: Yes, they are all extremely talented performers. And speaking of performances, beyond the stage let’s talk about how much success you’ve had via performing covers. How did that even start for you?
Avery Wilson: Well when I first got on vine about two or three years ago it was still a new platform. It wasn’t a singing platform at all but more comical and comedian based. A friend of mine actually suggested that I try singing on it and I thought maybe I should,  maybe it would turn up. SO I sung one song and took a request, I think it was a Stevie Wonder song, and it just took off. People were retweeting it and revining it and it was so crazy. I didn’t even expect all that to happen. Then I started to take more requests and it just blew up from there.


Parlé Mag: And why do you think it’s been such a success for you? Talent aside of course.
Avery Wilson:  Man I just kept it honest, kept it real, kept it uncut. I didn’t add any glitz and glam to it like people now who edit their videos and there are audio tracks in it. All different kinds of effects. I just kept it real and just sang and people respected what it was. I think that’s what made it blow.


Parlé Mag:  To date you have managed to get over 270 million loops (plays) of your videos. That’s insane! How does that make you feel?
Avery Wilson: Man, it feels really great because you know I feel like at the end of the day this generation that I’m in respects real talent and real grind. And I want them to say that about my music as well, which I’m working on now. Vines are cool and I’m so grateful to still have that platform and be apart of the vine culture but I can’t wait for people to say that about my music.

Parlé Mag: Another perfect segue.  Talk to me about your upcoming music.
Avery Wilson:  Man I’m just so excited to put out music that’s mine. That is such a grand thing to me.


Parlé Mag:  So what would you say is your style of music? What is your sound?
Avery Wilson: I would definitely say that my sound is R&B/Pop with Rock. It’s definitely young, it’s international, it’s colorless. I mean I would love it to be a modern day Michael Jackson. Not necessarily the style of his music but how it touched so many people of all walks of life. So I’m making music like that, good music that people can respect.


Parlé Mag: And how do you plan on doing that?
Avery Wilson: Well, I recently got the opportunity to work with/introduce myself to these great songwriters and producers that I’ve always wanted to work with, you know aside from Sean Garrett. I got a chance to perform for the Max Martin’s of the world and Stephan Moccio and Ryan Tedder and really connect with them and get them to see who I was. Now I’m excited to get back to L.A. and actually work with them and for them to see who I am and bring that side of Avery Wilson into the music. That’s the side of me that a lot of people are missing. They know that I’m talented and that I sing and that I play instruments and that I dance but they are missing who I am and I want to give that to them by connecting with the best people that I possibly can and I feel like I’ve got that opportunity now. You know it’s different when you work with greats. You have some people that are good and some who are specialists and these are specialists.


Avery Wilson
Parlé Mag:
  That sounds like a rare opportunity, how did it come about?
Avery Wilson:  This was setup by Sean and Clive, my team. Which I give 100% the utmost credit because they deal with me all the time and the fact they have the connections and feel comfortable enough with me to make this happen is amazing. They do everything. They’re incredible.


Parlé Mag:  How is it working with them? Not everyone can say the legendary Sean Garrett & Clive Davis are in their corner?
Avery Wilson: Man, there are really no words to describe it. I don’t know how to even tell you in a way that would make sense and would give it its just due. Working with greats like that it’s not like an everyday thing so for me although I don’t really know how to describe it, I can say it feels amazing and I don’t ever want to take it for granted. It really is a special opportunity to be in the midst of legends who have worked with everyone that I have inspired to be, from Whitney to Usher to Beyonce. I’ just trying to live in the moment and be grateful.


Parlé Mag:  What’s the operating style between you guys when it comes to your career and pulling this debut album together?
Avery Wilson: They are hands on and I truly appreciate that. I have always said that those are the two guys in my life that have helped me with my music navigation.  They’ve really helped me to learn how to be an artist and I’m still learning everyday. So for me to be with them has always bettered me. They give me that reassurance and don’t let me fall. They keep me grounded and keep me moving and working which is what you need to do to get better.


Parlé Mag:  Back into the music, you recently released your two singles “If I Have To” and “Change My Mind” ft Migos – tell em a little about making those.
Avery Wilson:  Sure, I’ll start with “If I Have To” since that one came out first. It felt like it was something that people were really expecting from me so I wanted give them something that would catch their attention and be different and at the moment there wasn’t really anything out about genuine love from a young man’s perspective and I wanted to put something out representing that and who I am because I love hard. That’s the type of artist I am. When it comes to love I’m balls to the wall and I literally give the girl everything I have because that’s just who I am. I’m a cancer and have a big heart. That’s Avery Wilson!

Avery Wilson‘s new single, “Change My Mind (feat. Migos).”  The buzz worthy new track is written and produced by Sean Garrett and co-produced by Supaman.

Parlé Mag:  Your second single was somewhat opposite of that track, can you elaborate on that one?
Avery Wilson: With “Change My Mind” I didn’t want people to think that I was just a crooner. I mean I just freshly turned 20 and I didn’t want people to automatically lock me into that category. You know, I didn’t want people to think that I do just a bunch of ballads. No. I’m young and I have the spirit of turn up as well just like every other young teen that’s growing up (laughs). On top of that Migos are dope, they are never going to die (musically) they are turn up all the time and it was just a dope collab. I just wanted to give people that difference. I feel like artists like Rihanna can give you so many different styles and you don’t feel it’s not her. There’s no disconnect and that’s basically what an artist is and that’s exactly what I want. So when I do give them my album and they see all the different viewpoints I have on things there won’t be a disconnect.


Parlé Mag:  So when can we expect the debut album to be released so we can see all the inner workings of Avery Wilson?
Avery Wilson:  You know what man, honestly it’s on the way. It could drop it tonight but I feel like I want my first chance to be my best chance. So i’m just going through this process and trying to have the best music possible. I don’t want people waiting for this album to be disappointed at all. So it’s on the way man and I can’t wait for people to feel it.


Parlé Mag:  Aside from Migos can we expect some other features on the finished product?Avery Wilson: Definitely a surprise but I have high hopes. My list of people that I want to work with is long (laughs). I would love to collaborate with Rihanna, with Chris Brown, etc. There are just so many people that I want to work with so if the opportunity presents itself I will, but I definitely want to keep it a surprise. Keep you guys on edge.


Parlé Mag:  Looking forward to it. And how about performances or tours? Where can people see you until then?
Avery Wilson: For sure. I’ll be posting about the shows very soon. I’ve just been getting the album down and correct so there will be something for you to hear. But when you come see me live you’ll see it’s not just me singing. It’s me playing, it’s me dancing, it’s a whole show so even though I haven’t done any shows before I want people to know that when I do it’s going to be serious. It’s going to be a SHOW for sure.


Parlé Mag:  It’s clear you have a passion for performing and becoming the best artist you can be, where do you think you will be in your career in say 10 years?
Avery Wilson: You know what, I definitely see me as a very sexy, edgy, urban, pop/rock collaboration type of artist and I plan on expanding that personally. There is always room to grow and they say the way you come out is the way you leave the game and I want to come out with my music strong so when it’s time to end I want to do it like that as well. But in that time I definitely want to setup some world tours and definitely want to have some Grammy’s for sure. And I just want to keep creating music that moves people.


Parlé Mag:  Well I can’t wait to see what becomes of everything and much success to you man.
Avery Wilson: For sure and thanks man. Make sure you follow me on Twitter, Instagram & Vine @AveryWilson