Katt Williams Punches Child, Then Gets DRAGGED

Katt Williams Punches Child, Katt Williams Choked
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Another Week, Another “L” for Comedian.
Katt Williams Punches Child, Gets CHOKED!

Katt Williams finds new and incredible ways to remain in the news week after week for his crazy antics.  Today a video emerged of the comedian, Williams, first punching what appears to be a young boy after a face-to-face confrontation.  Seconds later in another video clip, the boy completely turns the tables on Katt and CHOKES HIM OUT!!!  If not for the numerous people around telling the boy to get off him, things could have gotten very ugly.  

These types of videos are becoming all too common occurrences for Katt these days.  A couple weeks ago he was challenging Kevin Hart to a battle.  Then he was taking shots at Chris Rock for no reason whatsoever.  Then he was in a club in Philadelphia with rapper Beanie Sigel, apparently getting his ass beat.  Now, throwing punches at a child, things just seem to be completely out of hand for the comedian, who at one time seemed to be on an unstoppable path of success.

Just last week, we put up a story with Williams’ former assistant, Brooks Jackson Colyar declaring, “I am so worried for him right now…” in a piece where she expresses concern for the comedian.  Unfortunately, what appears to be a downward spiral, continues.

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Watch the videos below.  On social media posts indicated the boy was in seventh grade, not sure if that is an exaggeration.  As far as we know, that hasn’t been confirmed.

Katt Williams Punches Child:

The Kid Turns The Tables & Chokes Katt Williams:

Twitter Reacts: