Ciara Loses Sole Custody Battle Against Baby Daddy, Rapper, Future

Ciara Loses Custody Battle
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Future Takes A Win In Court As Ciara Loses Custody Battle for Sole Custody of Baby Future

Most of us are no stranger to the infamous ‘Ciara vs. Future’ beef that has carried on throughout social media for almost two years now.  After breaking off their engagement in late 2014—which is said to be due to infidelity on Future’s part, the once happy-go-lucky couple ended on ugly terms.  The drama spilled in court this week where Future took the first win in this war, after Ciara loses custody battle. 
From Future calling Ciara a ‘controlling bitch’ and him implying that she doesn’t let him see his son in recent Twitter rants, to photos floating around the net of Baby Future being seen with Ciara’s new boo, Russell Wilson, there has been a series of things contributing to this controversial topic.

But, on the bright side, something far more beautiful did come out of the situation—a child, Baby Future Zahir Wilburn.

However, the split eventually resulted in a long drawn out custody battle between the pair. Ciara was requesting sole custody, while, on the other hand, Future wanted joint custody. Apparently, Future got his wish and Ciara loses custody battle.

This past Monday, after a long-awaited hearing, the court denied Ciara sole custody of Baby Future.  According to sources, Ciara and her lawyer made claims stating that Future was a bad person and as such, a bad parent who isn’t necessarily taking on the role of a full-time father.

It is reported that the court immediately shut those claims down. Many across social media had lots to say in regards to the battle. Some sided with Ciara, but most sided with Future saying, in their words, ‘that’s what she gets’.

Well, in my opinion, joint custody is fair. However, Future’s frustration could be coming from a much deeper place. Maybe he’s regretting losing a good girl? Who knows. Maybe he’s using his child as a vengeance? I would hope not. Whatever it is, I hope this decision puts this battle to rest.

As much as we wish they were, custody battles are never peaches and cream.

While this battle is over Future and Ciara will be in court for months to come as Ciara still has a defamation suit against Future seeking $15 on the basis of calling her a bad mother. Future also has a counter-suit against the singer saying that her career had already stalled.  Future also ‘wants the court to force Ciara to stop bad mouthing him, and he wants her to cover the legal fees he’s incurred fighting her lawsuit.’

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