Young, Beautiful & Successful – Our Cyrene Tankard Interview

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Cyrene Tankard of the Successful Tankard Family Is Paving Her Own Way

The Tankards, ruled by the patriarchal hand of successful Gospel Jazz musician Ben Tankard and his rib, Jewel Tankard are back for Season 3 of Thicker Than Water, along with the clan… Marcus, Benji, Britney, Brooklyn, and Cyrene Tankard. Ben and Mama Jewel are still laying down the Tankard law, but the juveniles, as Ben endearingly calls them, are in an uphill battle as they move forward in making career moves and life decisions outside of the restrictive Tankard values.


Previously in Season 2, we watched the baby girl, Cyrene Tankard, go off to D.C.’s legendary HBCU, Howard University in tears. It was her first time being away from family and it was an introduction to a whole new lifestyle – it was by far no Murfreesboro, TN.  Partying, a little drinking, a little smoking, and completely neglecting her diet regarding ulcerative colitis, sent this youngin’, deathly ill to a hospital bed and back to the confinements of the Tankard compound.


However, its a  new season, with new problems. Cyrene has decided to return to Howard University.  Jewel is very concerned about her daughter’s behavior and her well-being. Her doting father Ben, wants to give her the benefit of the doubt, and attempts to persuade Jewel to ease up and cut Cyrene some slack.

I was able to catch up with the outspoken beauty, Cyrene Tankard, as we had a candid conversation on her comeback to Howard, new business ventures, and giving “it” up. No more shedding tears… this young lady has bossed up and is ready to take this world by storm, in Season 3 of Thicker Than Water.

é Mag:  Hi Miss Cyrene, first I would like to say congrats on Season 3 of Thicker Than Water.
Cyrene Tankard: Thank you so much!

é Mag:  So how is DC treating you?
Cyrene Tankard:  Oh I love DC! It’s poppin’!  There’s so much to do here, I really like it.

Parlé Mag:  Yeah I live in the DC area myself, there’s tons to do! How’s Howard?
Cyrene Tankard: I love Howard, there’s so much going on. But it’s dope!

Parlé Mag:  So here we are, Season 3 of Thicker Than Water. You’ve matured and had some life experiences, what are we going to see from Cyrene Tankard this season?
Cyrene Tankard: Yeah, a lot has happened. I know some people watch the show and they think I’m this brat. You’ll be able to watch and see how I’ve grown, how my opinions have changed, and my view points on a lot of different topics. I’m getting older, I can make decisions for myself. And of course, you’ll see how I’ve been transitioning in college, different things that I’ve been through and had to overcome.

Parlé Mag:  Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter allow viewers to voice their opinion, and sometimes the comments can be negative. What are your feelings on that?
Cyrene Tankard: People are going to say whatever they want, I don’t let it get to me. I don’t take it personal. I find out things on social media about me, that I don’t even know about me. Someone sent me a DM saying that I was a whore. The Dean of Howard received a letter from a social media troll saying that I wasn’t a good fit for the school and the dean reached out to me to make sure I was ok.

Parlé Mag:  Get out! The Dean of Howard?
Cyrene Tankard: Yeah it’s crazy! They sent her a letter saying that me being at the school is not the type of attention that Howard wants; that I was a bad influence on the students. So, I really don’t pay it any attention. Most of the time, I don’t even read the comments.

Cyrene Tankard
Parlé Mag:  You and your Mom had an emotional conversation before you left for D.C. Do you feel she’s a little bit more comfortable with your return D.C. this time?
Cyrene Tankard: Yeah, I do, because I’m more responsible now. I’ve grown and learned from my mistakes. My mom is about seeing action, and that’s how she’s going to trust me. I’m making better life decisions, health decisions, and personal decisions as a whole.

Parlé Mag:  And speaking of your health… You’re all over the place, traveling, with a busy schedule. I’m sure you’re eating on the go. How difficult has it been to stick to your diet, regarding ulcerative colitis?
Cyrene Tankard: You know the whole organic craze is taking over. I’m really able to watch my diet. There are so many people going organic and there are a lot of options out there. I’m making healthier choices, although I never exercise.

Parlé Mag:  What… really?! I can’t tell!
Cyrene Tankard: Yeah, I haven’t exercised in forever, like since February. But I do make healthy eating choices. I make sure I eat my greens, lots of salads. And a lot of things are gluten-free. Like I can stop at a Panera Bread and pick up a green juice. This is also why my Mom is more trusting of me, I’m making better decisions.  I don’t know when I’ll start exercising again, but until then, eating right is priority.

Parlé Mag:  You, your mom, Britney, and Brooklyn visited Detroit. What were your feelings, visiting Detroit with your mom and siblings?
Cyrene Tankard:  I was born in Detroit so it wasn’t a big deal for me. But my Mom grew up there and there were some things about my mom that I didn’t know. Like my mom told us she went to jail. I was like wow, really! And she’s always getting on me, but I’m like, I’m not that bad. I’ve never been to jail. But we all felt a lot closer to her.

Parlé Mag:  Let’s talk about your new lifestyle blog site. Can you tell us more about that?
Cyrene Tankard:  Oh yeah, I’m super excited about it! It’s going to give my fans an opportunity to know a little bit more about me and my interests. I’m into fashion and I love music. I don’t even think that’s something that people know, how much I love music, and I love to sing!  My site will keep fans up-to-date with everything that I’m doing.

Parlé Mag:  The fashion on your site is crazy, it’s very haute couture! Who are some of your favorite designers?
Cyrene Tankard:  Oooh, there are so many that I love. There’s this cocaine white YSL bag that I’m eyeing. I’m thinking I gotta have it!  I love my Celine bag too. I’m not too much into Louis Vuitton, not that there is anything wrong with Louis Vuitton, but everyone has it. It’s like when MCM came out, it was hot, then you started seeing it on everybody. I like things that are exclusive. Some things are too over done. But it’s crazy how Guess was so lame, and then A$AP Rocky put it on, and then it was like, hold up, that’s hot!! Well, Guess isn’t that lame. I have a blinged out watch by Guess and I’m never giving that watch up. I love my blingy watch. I’m also into street wear like Ten Deep.

Parlé Mag:  You’re on this journey of entrepreneurship. Do you ever seek advice from your Dad or even Marcus? It seems like they’re the go to guys for advice.
Cyrene Tankard:  Umm… nope. I work hard for everything that I do. I’m really just trying to pave my own way. I think the opportunities that my parents have given me are awesome. The foundation,  ya’ know the layout, it’s great, but it’s my responsibility to to build from that. I’m not saying I wouldn’t ever use my Dad’s name, but it is very rare. I may be networking in a room full of people, there is no reason that I shouldn’t be able to leave out that room with some contacts on my own.

Parlé Mag:  Are there any celebrities that you look up to or admire?
Cyrene Tankard: I dig Angela Simmons. Many people may not even know it, but she has made a lot of money. She’s about her business. And people can talk about her all they want, but she’s getting her money. While they’re taking about her, she’s dropping lipsticks, and they’re selling out.  I can respect that…boss! P. Diddy, of course, he does his thing.  And I can’t leave out Beyoncé, I mean c’mon– it’s Beyoncé.

Parlé Mag:  Okay let’s have girl talk. Are you seeing someone serious or interested in anyone?Cyrene Tankard:  No, no. I just don’t have the time for it. I’m gone all the time… BUSY. A lot of these guys can’t even keep up with me. I need someone that’s either on my level or better. Plus, guys will cheat on you while you’re away. So I’m not interested. I’m only 20, I’m young. I have time.

Parlé Mag:  I commend you on your abstinence and staying a virgin…
Cyrene Tankard:  Oh no, I’m not a virgin anymore. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t think women should wait until the time is right. But yeah, not a virgin. I do think that any woman should wait when the time is right for her.


Cyrene Tankard
Parlé Mag:  Are there any current projects that you’re working on, that we’ll be seeing in the future?
Cyrene Tankard:  You’ll be seeing me doing some collaborative work with other artists. I’m not ready to drop anything right now, but it’s in the making. I’ve been doing some modeling for a street wear brand called Ten Deep. So I’m busy with a lot of things right now.

Parlé Mag:  You’re young, you’re beautiful, and successful. Is there any advice you would like to give to the young ladies that are trying to learn themselves and find their place in this crazy world?
Cyrene Tankard: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, cause that’s just what’s gonna happen. The only time to me, when you ever fail, is when you quit. When you quit, you might as well be dead. Embrace the changes that are about to come, embrace everything that you’re going to experience. You can make your experiences. You can customize your experiences. I believe in the power of intent. If you know that something throws off your focus, then stay away from it. Talk to those people that are about what you want to be about. Find your passion and go for that.

Parlé Mag:  Wise words.  How can fans keep up with everything that you’re doing?
Cyrene Tankard:  My blog site is Instagram and Twitter is @cyrenelovette.

Parlé Mag:   Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to seeing more of you and the rest of Tankards on Bravo.
Cyrene Tankard:  Thank you so much.


Check out Cyrene Tankard’s cover of Drake’s Jungle on soundcloud:


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