You May Not Like Her, But Its Time To Get Behind Hillary Clinton

If You’re A Democrat, Even If You Love Bernie Sanders, It’s Time To Get Behind Hillary Clinton

I have absolutely no problems with Hillary Clinton. In fact, I’m actually a supporter. I have my reasons and concerns, but overall, I believe she is the most qualified candidate I’ve ever seen run for the Presidency. Is she the most likable? Not by far. Is she the most ground breaking? Besides being the first woman ever sworn into this boys club, there have been presidents before who have moved our country forward in more significant ways. SO when it comes down to it, It seems we’re not asking the right questions. The real question should be: is she better than the alternative, Donald Trump? And the answer is a resounding, YES !


I’m a big fan of teams. I like the idea of a collective effort getting something major accomplished. I like the rallying support of like minded individuals. I like people coming together for one cause, and giving their all for it. So when It comes to elections, I like to wait until our “team” chooses the individual we will rally for, and then give my full support. I’m excited that in this case, as a democrat, I can support Hillary Clinton. But if it was Sanders, I would have been just as supportive. Maybe not as enthusiastic, but surely a soldier for the cause. It’s apparent that Clinton will be the democratic nominee come this fall, and its starting to become more inevitable that Donald J. Trump will be the republican candidate. And now that the dust is starting to clear on this grueling contest, its clear that if we don’t want Trump, it’s time to get behind Clinton.


It makes little sense to argue policy at this point. I know Sander’s position and I know Clinton’s, and although they seem in opposition, they both are at least inclusive. They both see the whole America, and not just a select group of Americans. They both believe in equal rights for all human beings. They both believe in the power of a country united in the opposition of discrimination in any form. And most importantly, they both believe that the opposing forces are whats wrong with America and thus need to be stopped. Believing in a better America should be what helps us overcome the divisiveness that comes with choosing the right person to lead this vision. Perhaps Clinton did pander to Wall Street, and perhaps Bernie’s ideas are too fantastical. Maybe she’s too establishment and he’s too socialist. Maybe she’s too unlikable and he’s too old. No matter what your views of these two are, one of these two will need all the support they can muster, to go against the machine known as the GOP, lead by the monster Trump.

Now’s the time to band together as lovers of equality, and get behind Hillary Clinton. It won’t be very productive to throw your vote away, or just not vote because you don’t like her. In fact, it may just hand the election over to a Mexican hating, women bashing, Muslim fearing fascist. Let’s get past the idea of who versus who in this primary, and get behind the idea of winning come this November. It’s time to stand behind Hillary Clinton, and stand up to Trump.

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