Neisha Neshae Overcomes Struggles To Become Leader of R&B Trap

Queen of R&B Trap? Why Yes, Neisha Neshae Claims The Spot

Neisha Neshae is being touted as the Queen of R&B Trap, which may sound like a lot to live up to, but the singer is more than assured she can—and that she already is.


Based out of Detroit, Neisha Neshae is celebrating the rising popularity of her single “On a Cloud” (TandB Music Group), produced by Hel­luva, and the release of her first EP in 2015 titled, What The Streets Been Missing.  The 19-year-old singer has been performing tracks from the mixtape with the likes of Diggy Simmons, Young Dolph, and she performed two shows per the direct request of Grammy Award-winning producer Timbaland. Her new EP, 5 was set to drop this May.

Born Daneisha Turnbull, her semi-autobiographical “On a Cloud” in which she talks of trying to overcome abuse and neglect to live her own dreams, has had more than 260,000 plays/views across the web.  She’s already been featured on 25 urban radio stations and counting. She’s even creating a movement; her #boss­baes has reached more than 200,000 viewers on You­Tube and WorldstarHipHop in less than a month and was recently added to Vevo.

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While some may say Neisha Neshae is reminiscent of Rihanna, make no mistake Neisha Neshae is a woman with her own style and story. She can easily roll hood or dress it up for high-class without skipping a beat. Perhaps because Neisha Neshae is used to being able to adjust to different circumstances, going way back to when she was a child. “It’s really what I am going for—to be the Queen of R&B Trap,” she said in our interview. “I can spit hot bars and I can do ballads.  My images reflect class and also rough hood at the same time. I like to show both sides of me. It’s who I am.”


Neisha Neshae, who has also been called the “Female Drake,” tells her story through her music, which is at the same time gritty but also full of sentiment. Raised for a long period of her life in foster care where she had to deal with abuse, self-esteem issues, her mother’s incarceration, and then later the death of mother while only a junior in high school. It was a lot to deal with, and at the urging of one foster mother, Neisha went into therapy.


“I was getting into a lot of trouble and the woman who raised me put me in therapy and I realized it was a great outlet. It helped me a lot in my life. Some people don’t really like the therapy stuff, but I would tell anyone who has the opportunity to have someone to talk to, do it,” explains Neisha Neshae, who also says her music is an outlet as well.  She adds, “I used to be scared to talk about my past; I didn’t want to open up to people. Not only was I embarrassed but I had low self esteem.  And I talk about this in my songs, so I hope it will help other people. I would love it if I am inspiring others.”


In control of her past, Neisha Neshae is ready for her future—even in the highly competitive world of music. “Music is not an easy industry to be in, especially for women. But I knew I had to be in music for a long time. At one point in my life I did think about being a basketball player, but at some point I couldn’t stand getting sweaty and breaking my nails anymore,” shares Neisha Neshae. “I also used to sing in the church choir and when I lost my mom while I was in 11th grade, I turned to music. I started taking music seriously. Now music is my life, my lyrics are my love.”

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