Ayoinmotion Releases Visuals for His New Single “She’s Leaving”

Flint, MI Native, AYOINMOTION Reveals “She’s Leaving” Video

Parlé Mag Exclusive Premiere: Ayoinmotion is a Nigerian-American poet, activist, and musician toured on the other side of the pond, graced the legendary Apollo stage, and performed as an opening act for artists such as Talib Kweli and Gyptian.  Being a local of Flint, Michigan resident he has also provided his insight on the Flint water crisis, highlighting the city tragedy.
Equiped with a versatile and multi-genred approach, AYo provides a fusion of Afro-Beat, jazz, soul all bringing to comparisons to artists such as Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, and Bruno Mars.


In his new song and video for “She’s Leaving”, a standout on his most recent project featuring Edson Sean, he provides a look on a very common situation in which we have all gone through at one point or another.


“”She’s Leaving” was inspired by a relatable situation I feel like many of us go through when we have left love or when love has left us. I especially wanted to speak from a man’s perspective with a vulnerable approach that doesn’t shy away from expressing one’s feelings. Overall, the song and video unfolds as intricately as a thread in worn out clothing, only that in this case, the fabric is the relationship” ­ –Ayoinmotion


In the noir colored video, you see the tension between AYo and the girl as she gives him the cold shoulder from mainly start to finish. “We face up but we never see to eye to eye,” he says before he simply states that now he’s leaving, as it’s time for him to finally move on from the issues of the last relationship, along with an extremely awkward encounter between his new girl and his ex.

Watch:  Ayoinmotion ft. Edson Sean  “She’s Leaving” below:


All in all, Ayoinmotion is a very versatile talent that is rare to find and his activism in his community shows that more than anything. Connect with him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to follow him to the next level.


Read Ayoinmotion’s perspective behind the Flint water crisis HERE.


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