I Don’t Feel Valued As A Black Human Being

Blacks In America – It’s Hard To Feel Like A Human Being

I’ve always been a happy guy. I’ve always had a positive outlook on life and whats to come of it. I’m what some may call an idealist, but really I just look for the best in people and things. Right now, I feel numb. Numb to happiness. Numb to a positive outlook, and most sadly, numb to a life I’ve come to cherish. These recent (and when I say recent, I’m not referring to the past year, just the past couple of days) police shootings of black men in this country have made me feel like there has been no progress in the appreciation of Black lives. They make me feel as if Black lives are still disposable at will. They make me feel like I could be the next one killed for just being. They make me feel devalued as a human being.

Even while living as a human being, in this country, I still feel less than one.

Let’s face it, Black men are the scariest in this world. We have been demonized as violent, unstable creatures, who at any moment could cause harm. We have been labeled as monsters, and treated like beasts. We are made out to be the ones lurking in the shadows and the ones you should fear the most. It’s this conditioning that causes most to see black people, particularly men, as less than human. And this is the reason why it is so easy to murder that that are most undesirable.


Do you really think all these police officers who kill all these Black men are murderers ? I sure don’t. And the reason is because they would be murdering people all the time. They have the means to do it, and the weapons. So why when it comes to confronting Black people, do they feel the need to use deadly force ? Perhaps it’s because Black folks have been labeled as a deadly force.  Perhaps it’s because as a group we have been labeled as dangerous.  And there is a message that we need to be put down before we cause damage to the perfect white society.


They have been trained and taught to see us a threat. Not necessarily by their police departments but by society.  By the communities that raised them.  By America.  And no matter how much we try to reason with them, these “officers of the law” feel the need to protect society by eliminating as many of us as possible.


This is why they don’t deescalate. This is why they don’t say “stop” before they shoot. This is why I feel like less than a human being.


I’ve volunteered with numerous organizations. I try to help out wherever I can. I mind my business. I pay my taxes. I love my family. I love all people. I have a favorite color, and food. I like to swim. I love great food. But even while living as a human being, in this country, I still feel less than one.

Rest In Peace

Philando Castile
Alton Sterling

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