A Look At the Missing Pieces of The Bad Boy Reunion Tour

Bad Boy Reunion Tour

Who Didn’t Make The Bad Boy Reunion Tour Roster & Where Are They Now

This past weekend Sean Combs brought Hip-Hop/R&B royalty on center stage for an amazing show of unity and musical genius in the first of a set of Bad Boy reunion tour shows. This 2 piece set at Barclay’s in Brooklyn was a special tribute to Notorious B.I.G. for his birthday weekend, but with another 24 cities announced it is only the beginning. While all of Bad Boy’s elite artists where in attendance, there were some notable Bad Boy second generation artists missing from the Bad Boy reunion tour line-up. Not like anyone is actually complaining, because the show was phenomenal! Still we thought it would be nice to take a look at the missing and forgotten pieces of the Bad Boy reunion tour.

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Dirty Money (Dawn & Kaleena)

Maybe the most egregious of the missing pieces of the Bad Boy reunion tour was these two ladies. Diddy dedicated an entire album to these two ladies just 5 plus years ago. Last Train To Paris was Puff’s own last album as well. And while he did perform “Angels” from the project, there was no sighting of Dawn Richard or Kalenna Harper.

Where Are They Now:
Dawn, who has multiple ties to Puff, including two Danity Kane projects beginning in 2005, now performs and releases music under the name D∆WN. In 2015 she released Blackheart, a dance infused, electric/pop sounding project that found success.
Kalenna had been a reoccurring cast member on Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta for season 3 and 4.  Fans never really took to here.  These days she is set to release an album called Rose Water later this year.


I honestly think Puff would have showed Dep love on this tour. If Black Rob got to eat I have to believe Puff would treat the crowd to “Special Delivery”.

Where is he now:
G-Dep is unfortunately unavailable for the tour because he walked into a precinct in 2010 to confess to a 1993 murder. He later tried to recant the story while in court, but he had previously tried twice to confess to the murder and on the third time it stuck. He’s currently serving a 15 years to life sentence.

Craig Mack

Mr. “Flava In Ya Ear,” Craig Mack is Bad Boy’s first artist ever! In ’94 he released Project: Funk da World a week after Ready To Die, but once Biggie jumped on the “Flava In Ya Ear Remix”, Mack pretty much disappeared.

Where is he now:
Apparently a video dropped in 2012 saying Mack was part of a cult. He lives at the Overcome Ministry in Walterboro, South Carolina. He probably not in the right head space for the Bad Boy reunion.  A couple days ago a new freestyle from church was released.

Bad Boy Reunion Tour

Loon was actually originally part of Mase’s Harlem World crew. After Mase left the game Puff kept Loon to help recreate the movement. Loon was on “I Need A Girl Pt. 1” with Puff and he released his self-titled debut album  in 2003.  He was winning for a while there too.

Where is he now:
Loon converted to Islam and changed his name officially to Amir Junaid Muhadith. In 2013 he was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison on charges of conspiring with intent to distribute one or more kilos of heroin.


Watch A Clip of the Bad Boy Reunion Concert Below:


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