Suge Knight Sues Dr Dre, Claims Dre Involved In Alleged Murder Plot To Have Him Killed

Suge Knight Suing Dr Dre

Suge Knight Suing Dr Dre Over Unpaid Debts, Says Dre Tried To Murder Him To Get Out Of Paying

The dark side of Hip-Hop unfolded this week. News hit that Suge Knight suing Dr Dre over allegations that Dre hired a hit man to kill him. According to Suge, Dre went to that extent to get rid of him because Dre owes him money, lots of it.

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The reason behind the allegations against Dre stem from a deal the two made entitling Knight to 30% of Dre’s LIFETIME earnings from entertainment deals.  This would include money made from Dre’s Beats by Dre headphone line and royalties from Straight Outta Compton. The line, which was later bought out by Apple, put Dre into Hip-Hop billionaire status according to reports. According to Knight, Apple didn’t want to be associated with his image and wanted him cut out of the deal.

The lawsuit states that Dre hired a hitman to kill Knight as a result. In 2014, Knight was shot seven times at a Hollywood nightclub while attending Chris Brown’s party. Police took a man named T-Money in for questioning where he allegedly admitted that Dre paid him off to kill Knight, but no further arrests have been made.

Suge Knight and Dr Dre of course were the former owners of Death Row Records, but Dre claims to have had no contact with Knight for twenty years. Currently, Knight is currently in jail for running over and killing a fellow colleague, Terry Carter, in January 2015, but claims that he was only defending himself against a man who pulled a gun on him. According to the suit, which names Dr Dre and Universal Studios as plaintiffs, Dr Dre paid a man by the name of Cle “Bone” Sloan to finish the deed.

Suge Knight suing Dr Dre is no surprised.  His 30% cut of the Apple/Beats by Dre Deal would reportedly be around $300,000.

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