Film Director Tangie B. Moore Talks Hollywood Hearts, Starring Bobby V. In His Movie Debut

Will Love Rule For Bobby V in His BET Film Debut Hollywood Hearts? Director Tangie B. Moore Gives Us The Inside Scoop

Most people think celebrities live the glamorous life—well, they do. But they also deal with everyday issues and stresses. Including the drama that comes with falling in love.  That’s just what award-winning singer/performer Bobby V (formerly Bobby Valentino) goes through in his feature film debut, Hollywood Hearts, which premieres on BET tonight (8:00PM/ 7:00C). In the film, written, directed, and executive produced by Tangie B. Moore of Tier 2 Films, Bobby V plays a music artist faced with a major life decision—keep living his flashy lifestyle or settle down with the love of his life.

“It’s the story of a music artist that is really into the music industry lifestyle and finds it difficult to give up his ways for the woman he loves,” Tangie B. Moore. “But after a tragic event he has to make some real life changes. I think this story shows that celebrities are real people, with real life problems like everyone else. It takes you behind the scenes of the music industry and gives people an inside look at the life of a celebrity. And this is a story about a man and his evolution.”

Hollywood Hearts

Moore says the concept for the film was all Bobby V’s and when he approached her and told her the idea she was immediately on board. “He brought the idea to me. Bobby V has a new album coming out and initially he thought of releasing Hollywood Hearts as a film short to coincide with his CD release. But after listening to the idea, I knew it had to be a feature,” says Moore. “I loved Bobby V’s personality and enthusiasm and my partner and I thought we could do a great job on this project. I went away, locked myself up, and wrote the film in two weeks.”

And once Moore took it to BET, they jumped on board too. “I already had a relationship with BET because of Couples Therapy, and BET was excited by Hollywood Hearts. BET has always supported Black indie films so I was happy we could partner with them again,” delves Tangie B. Moore, who co-founded Tier 2 Films with her creative and business partner/husband Ric Atari. Tier 2 will be releasing their first full-length theatrical feature film in 2017.

Acting in Hollywood Hearts or any other film for that matter, is a first for Bobby V. Although he has had multiple No. 1 singles, platinum and gold albums, this is his film debut.

Also starring in Hollywood Hearts are: DC Young Fly, Lyfe Jennings, Raymond Benzino, Carl Payne, and more.

Hollywood Hearts, which premieres on BET tonight 8:00pm EST / 7:00p.m/C.

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